Spotted: Where to find the world's coolest superyachts

The global superyacht fleet is always on the move — in fact, in 2022, the fleet travelled a cumulative total of 19.9 million nautical miles. BOAT keeps track of some of the most famous yachts in the world, spotting them in locations such as Dubai, Antarctica and Thailand.

Octopus in Cowes

Credit: Charles Kitching

The 126-metre superyacht Octopus was most recently sighted off the coast of Cowes, the Isle of Wight's maritime gateway. Delivered by Lürssen in 2003 (and still ranking among the largest superyachts in the world), Octopus was commissioned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Outstanding features include an Espen Øino exterior, a glass-bottom pool that rises to create an on-water dance floor and a drive-in garage that qualifies as a "mini marina". Since her delivery, Octopus has explored the coast of Antarctica, traversed the Northwest Passage and even discovered the wrecks of long-lost WW2 battleships off the Philippines. 

Carinthia VII and Tranquility in Dartmouth

Credit: Dart Harbour

Two superyacht legends were spotted crossing paths in Dartmouth Harbour this week. The 97.2-metre Lürssen Carinthia VII and 91.5-metre Oceanco Tranquility have both recently finished up summer refit work at their home shipyards and spent a brief moment on the British coastline. Carinthia VII then hot-footed it to Gibraltar and has now entered the Mediterranean in time for some cruising ahead of its grand debut at the Monaco Yacht Show, while Tranquility has doubled back on itself and is back in the Netherlands. 

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Lurssen   97.2 m •   2002

Artefact in Alaska

World Superyacht Award winner Artefact came out victorious in the Motor Yacht of the Year category in 2021 – thanks to her cutting-edge exterior and interior design, and an innovative general arrangement to environmental and technical considerations. Built by Nobiskrug, the 80-metre Artefact has been cruising nonstop since leaving Germany in early 2020. She has recently been spotted near Alaska, fulfilling the owner’s desire to have a home that was able to travel the world.

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Nobiskrug   80 m •   2020

Dr No in Denmark

Credit: Guy Fleury

Capable of carrying a 6.9-metre Super Falcon submarine, the 36.7-metre motor yacht Dr. No’s primary purpose is adventure, exploration and underwater expeditions. She has recently been spotted in Denmark and is no stranger to expeditions, having ventured to Raja Ampat, Indonesia and New Caledonia. Formerly known as Blue Hunter, Dr. Do went through an extensive refit in 2011 to bring the vessel closer to superyacht standards and to accommodate her all-important submersible. Her unusual lines are the work of HYS Yachts and she was delivered in 1995 from Japanese shipyard Narasaki.

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Narasaki   36.7 m •   1995

Enterprise in New York

Credit: Burgess Yachts

The 38-metre Enterprise was recently spotted docked at the North Cove Yacht Harbor in New York. This Baglietto motor yacht was designed, built and delivered in less than three years, with construction seen through the height of the pandemic. Baglietto claims her to be the world’s largest yacht by volume for her length, thanks to an impressive 8.8-metre beam. Her sundeck is the real showpiece, fitted with a transparent perimeter, a glass-side spa pool and a large bathing platform courtesy of Francesco Paszkowski.

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Baglietto   38.07 m •   2022

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Baglietto   38.1 m •   10 guests • Price from $196,000 p/w

Multiverse in Florida

Credit: Davis Island Life

The 116.5-metre Multiverse (formerly known as Ulysses) was recently spotted in Tampa, Florida bearing a new nameplate. The 2018 build has only been known as Ulysses since delivery, built as the successor to the 2015 yacht of the same name (now renamed Andromeda). The hardy explorer can accommodate 66 guests and can also carry a 20-metre tender in a recessed well on the foredeck.

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Kleven   116.15 m •   2018

Kaos in Miami

Scott Roth (@scottrothperspective)

The 110-metre Oceanco superyacht Kaos has been spotted moored in Miami. She was delivered in 2017 as Jubilee and the previous flagship of the Oceanco fleet. Her iconic profile and blue superstructure, courtesy of Igor Lobanov, is hard to miss, with her “faux decks” and smoked glass masking her true height. The year-long refit at Lurssen saw Sam Sorgiovanni make alterations to the exterior and interior, while maintaining her recognisable design. She is equipped with multiple standout features across the yacht's 4501 GT volume, including a pool deck with a built-in aquarium. 

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Oceanco   110 m •   2017

Koru and Black Pearl in Mallorca

Credit: Raphael Montigneaux

Two Oceanco sailing giants were spotted docked side by side in Port Vell in Palma. The 127-metre Koru made her maiden voyage to Palma following delivery earlier in the month and joined the 106.7-metre Black Pearl during the Palma International Boat Show 2023. The pair measures a collective equivalent of 2.5 football pitches, and Koru marks the new flagship for Oceanco, as well as the largest yacht ever built in the Netherlands. She is also the largest sailing yacht in the world — excluding motor-assisted Sailing Yacht A — while Black Pearl is the third-largest. 

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Oceanco   127 m •   2023

Faith in Saint Martin

Alicia Swiderski / BOAT International

The 95.6-metre Faith was spotted seeking some serenity in the waters around Belmond La Samana, one of the most exclusive hideaways in Saint Martin. The yacht dropped anchor just opposite the beach, showing off her elegant RWD-designed exterior, twin ten-metre tenders and unfolding sea terraces, which lead into a spacious beach club with a glass-bottomed pool. In eight weeks' time, the hotel will play host to the inaugural Between the Bays event, which is being held in partnership with Anguilla Tourism, St. Martin Tourism and Feadship.

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Feadship   96.55 m •   2017

Octopus in Antarctica

Credit: Camper & Nicholsons / David Le Roux

The 126.2 metre Octopus has been busy since she sold in 2021. Since then, she has joined the charter fleet with Camper & Nicholsons and voyaged across central and south America, finishing her ambitious charter tour in the wintry waters of Antarctica. The superyacht, which was famously commissioned for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, is widely considered the world's first 'true' explorer and is packed from bow to stern with adventurous amenities including pools, a helipad and an ROV.

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Lurssen   126.2 m •   2003

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Lurssen   126.2 m •   26 guests • Price from $2,200,000 p/w

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