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The Best Sea-inspired Artwork To Buy Now

27 February 2020 • Written by Kelly Sullivan

As a boating publication we have a real affinity for nautical themed pieces, as do our readers. From the best sea-inspired scents to the sea-inspired fine jewellery we're now turning our attention to the sea-inspired artwork from worldwide talent. We've rounded up our favourite one-off pieces to buy now to style out your superyacht or holiday home tastefully.

Twilight Ocean by Jonathan Speed

'This is an original oil painting of an energetic ocean scene featuring crashing waves'

An impressionable seascape from Jonathan Speed who delicately depicts the crashing waves at twilight. The lighting draws the focus of Speed's piece to the crescendo of the waves in a contrastingly serene scene.

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Earth From Above by Ivana Pavlikova

This mixed sculpture from Ivana Pavlikova explores a new style of creation called Encaustic painting, where beeswax is mixed with pigment for hot wax painting.

Pavlikova adds tangible depth, using a variety of different materials from beeswax and oil to damar gum and resin to add layers of texture. Capturing a birds eye view of Earth from Space Pavlikova has created an organic style, one-occ piece available to buy now.

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Clearwater Beach by Dean West

If photography is more your bag, this piece by Dean West captures the everyday hustle and bustle of Clearwater Beach, Florida in the peak of summer and its one to spark nostalgia year-round.

This piece is part of the 'Under the Sun' series by Dean West.

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Rain Or Shine by Vinayak Godbole

Rain or Shine is an acrylic painting on canvas of a minimalist sea scape. Godbole explores impressionism and realism in her work in a muted, ethereal piece.

"I wanted to bring out the gloomy weather in Grays blended with light tones," says Godbole, "The sliver of reflection at the horizon was added to reproduce the energy and a bit of optimism."

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Shell Sculpture by Sharon Brill

This abstract piece by Israeli artist Sharon Brill characterises much of Brill's collection. Specialising in ceramics, Brill as a flair for sculptures and we particularly like this Shell piece, perfect for decorating any sideboard or bar on board your superyacht.

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North Easter by Martine Vanderspuy

This unique piece explores various textures including resin and sand. A darker, more tonal seascape, this abstract piece typifies the artist's style and love of the sea.

“I am inspired by the ocean: its power, beauty, and tranquility," says Vanderspuy, "This multitude of moods is what I am trying to convey in my painting.”

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Dinard, 3pm by Hugo Pondz

The colour and vibrancy of this piece captures the delights of summer. Pondz's oil painting layers shadow and light in a modern piece that captures the expanse of the deep blue.

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