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The Best Sea-inspired Scents For Women

20 November 2019 • Written by Kelly Sullivan

Freshly cut grass, salty air and sun lotion - the trigger scents of summer. Whilst your Caribbean vacation may already feel like a distant memory, transport yourself back through the nostalgia of scent. Our round-up of the best sea-inspired scents will have you reminiscing of warmer days on your superyacht.

Acqua di Parma Ambra

The new Ambra fragrance from Acqua di Parma features musky, salty notes of ambergris, a rare bi-product of marine mammals. Alongside the sandalwood the ambergris balances the top notes of bergamot and orange. You’ll pick up soft notes of rose and the pepperiness of patchouli in this complex and enjoyable fragrance, perfect for evening wear.

From £99.95,


Hermes un Jardin sur la Lagune

Light and breezy with plenty of character, this Hermes fragrance, Jardin sur la Lagune, is a beautiful blend of floral and woody notes, but there is the unmistakable scent of salty sea air. A spritz of this and you’ll be transported back to brighter summer mornings and care-free holidays.

From £75.65, John Lewis


Bamford Camille Eau de Parfum

Striking freshness on the first whiff, the Bamford Camille has strong notes of jasmine laced with ylang ylang and orange blossom to add vibrancy. The base notes of amber and cedar balance the scent nicely, resulting in a light, breezy fragrance reminiscent of summer.

From £95,


Creed Virgin Island Water

Inspired by the summer Trade Winds dancing over the ocean, this tropical scent from Creed is the perfect recreation of your Caribbean superyacht vacation. A gentle core of coconut and ylang ylang is brightened with notes of crisp lime juice for a refreshing, light fragrance ideal for hot days.

From £215 for 100ml, Creed


Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Celestia

Maison Francis Kurkdjian's fine fragrances have long been a cult favourite among olfactory obsessives. Taking its cues from the blues of sea and sky, Aqua Celestia's heady blend of mimosa blossoms, cool mint, blackcurrant and lime are tempered with a hint of musk creating an inviting scent ideal for cocktail hour.

From £140,


Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua

American fashion designer Tom Ford offers a whole range of scents inspired by the heady beauty of the Italian Riviera. With its vibrant citrus and amber signature, this perfume dedicated to the blue skies and azure waters of the Portofino coastline is guaranteed to please.

From £115,


Bleu Paradis by Terry du Gunzburg

Whether you find peace in the sea or sky, Bleu Paradis by French perfumer Terry de Gunzburg is designed to take you there. Fresh, light and timeless, aquatic notes of Mauritian litchi are combined with smoky cedar, rose, amber and musk for an elegant fragrance ideal for all day wear.

From £180 for 100ml,


Heeley Sel Marine

Directly translated from French as ‘sea salt’, this unisex scent by Heeley has top notes evoking white sands and salty breezes while heart notes of golden lemon conjure cool green Mediterranean waters. Finally base notes of vetiver, cedar and birch develop into a long-lasting scent of sun baked shores and abundant gardens.

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