The best toys and accessories for your superyacht

The finishing touches can make or break your experience on board a superyacht but with so much on offer, it can be hard to know where to start. From gravity-defying water scooters to retro radiograms and hi-tech speakers, BOAT recommends the best superyacht toys and accessories on the market.

Hollis Prism 2 rebreather

The PRISM, or Peter Ready's Incredible Steam Machine, is a fully closed-circuit rebreather designed to recycle exhaled oxygen, which means quite simply that divers can stay submerged for longer. This makes it an ideal tool for open ocean, cave and wreck diving, especially as it can be equipped with 13, 19, or 30 cubic-feet-capacity cylinders. 

And because scrubbing the air (rather than breathing it out) creates significantly fewer bubbles, you’re far less likely to disturb sealife. Tested to depths of 100 metres, the Prism 2 also requires the least WOB effort (Work of Breathing) of any mixed gas CCR on the market at just 0.94 joules per litre. 

From £7,040, 

LG CineBeam Qube

One of the highlights from this year's CES electronic show in Las Vegas was a device that bucks the trend of ever increasingly huge televisions. This cleverly designed projector is also so attractive, so cute that it could well be a character in one of the Pixar films you can play through it. 

It's so small that the footprint is just eight cm tall and 14 cm wide and deep, yet it can put out 4K images up to 120 inches, has a 450,000:1 contrast ratio, and can even display "digital images that enhance the ambience of the space" when not you're watching it. The clincher is the handle. It can rotate 360 degrees so the 1.5kg Qube can be carted easily from room to room. 



You'll likely be familiar with Fliteboards. Here the Australian company has taken things to the next level with its new Flitescooter, but thankfully in an entirely accessible way. 

The removable stand-up handlebars mean that you can use the all-electric board in the traditional fashion, or, if you are a beginner, or merely looking for an easy ride, use the handles and the four points of contact apparently make the Flitescooter a snap to use from the first try. And if you should fall, a Bluetooth wireless safety key immediately cuts off the power.

From €12,995,

Ruark Audio R810 High Fidelity Radiogram

You might remember the stunningly attractive design of Ruark’s retro R7 from a few years ago, and if so it should come as little surprise that the follow-up "radiogram", the R810, should be equally alluring. 

Some 180W of Class A/B amplification means that not only is this the best-sounding sideboard you’ll come across, it also has myriad wireless streaming options (AirPlay 2, Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, and more) as well as enough physical connections (HDMI eARC, optical input, RCA phono input, USB-C) to run your television or turntable audio, too. And for the audiophiles, yes, high-res audio up to 32-bit/384kHz is supported. 


Movesea Underwater Scooter Subnado Single Waydoo

What makes this sub-aquatic plaything exceptional is not just the ridiculously long name; at a svelte 1.6kg and just 38 cm long and six cm wide, it’s Movesea’s lightest and most compact underwater scooter, with the ability to pull divers to the depths at speeds of up to 1.4 m/s. 

The minimal design also means that as well as the traditional dual handles, you can also simply strap the Subnado Single Waydoo to one forearm and soar through the water like Aquaman. The 100W, three-speed motor is good to go down to 60 metres, and the 98Wh battery lasts up to 56 minutes, then can be fully charged in 1.2 hours. 


KEF Ci5160REFM-THX speakers

The crucial point to remember about these superlative speakers is that these are among only a few designs capable of bridging the gap between commercial and luxury home cinemas. The catch? The room needed to take advantage of the power at hand, but if you’ve got 184 square metres of space, and a viewing distance of up to six metres, you’re in for a treat. 

Each unit houses four 160 mm (6.5 inch) bass drivers, and a vented motor system designed to cope with being buried in a wall, as well as KEF’s noted Uni-Q driver, which does remarkable things to the sonic sweet spot. 


Taylormade P790 Irons

If there's one thing that CES underlined this year, it was that AI is being put into absolutely everything, whether it’s useful or not. TaylorMade's new P790 irons, however, fall firmly into the former category. The clubs with steel or graphite shafts have been designed using thousands of AI simulations to construct the "most advanced set of irons humanly possible". 

The really clever part is by shifting the internal weight system, TaylorMade has made the centre of gravity lower in the long irons to get the ball in the air, and higher in the short irons for better flight and spin. The clincher is these clubs are also hollow-bodied and filled with SpeedFoam Air for energy return. 

Complete set from £1,029,

Lotus Type 136 E-Bike

Lotus has form when it comes to bicycles. Back in 1992, its monocoque Type 108 amazed the cycling community when Chris Boardman won gold riding it in the 4000-metre pursuit at the Barcelona Olympics. The Type 136 is very much an evolution of this winning formula. This carbon fibre e-bike exemplifies Lotus founder Colin Chapman's famous edict of "simplify, then add lightness". 

With a total bike weight (including the Bora Ultra WTO wheels) of just 9.8kg, the Type 136 draws power from a HPS Watt Assist Pro Motor, while the battery is cleverly disguised as a water bottle. Purists will be pleased to know that the First Edition model comes in the iconic John Player Special black and gold livery, but is limited to just 136 units. 

£20,000 / $24,000,

Loewe Iconic i.65

Celebrating its centenary year, German brand Loewe has quite the history – one involving the world’s first cassette recorder and a television designed with input from John Logie Baird, no less. To mark the occasion, the brand is introducing another first, a television made from Cyno-Stone, a durable and recyclable solid surface material, similar to polished concrete. 

This monolithic design, available in 55- and 65-inch sizes, in either graphite grey or clay white, boasts a 4K OLED screen with hidden 360 W, 3.1 soundbar that can naturally be paired wirelessly with other speakers to make the most of the Dolby Atmos and multi-room compatibility. 


Sublue Vapor

Another new arrival at this year's CES in January, the Vapor is the latest electric underwater scooter from Sublue. The stats are mighty: a powerful single engine is capable of three adjustable speeds up to 9 km/h and diving depths of up to 40 metres for up to an hour, while the Vapor’s integrated display offers up essential real-time info such as depth, bearing, water temperature, speed and battery remaining. It's the pump-jet motor that's the real boon here, though, offering up a max thrust of 21kg.


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