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The best electric surfboards for your toy box

15 March 2022 • Written by Holly Overton

The electric surfboard market has boomed in the last few years as yacht owners switch out their paddleboards for something a little more high-octane. By far the coolest way to get around, riders can blast across the ocean at up to 40mph with a waterproof throttle in the palm of their hand, slicing through the waves as they go. If you're looking to up your water toy game, here's our pick of the best electric surfboards money can buy...

Fliteboard 2.2

Australian manufacturer Flite has unveiled an upgraded, titanium-plated version of its popular Fliteboard series that is quieter, smarter and even more powerful than its predecessor. The latest incarnation of the Fliteboard features greater resistance to corrosion, which makes it ideal for beach club storage, and employs the same high quality 21,700 cells used in high-power applications such as hypercars. In 2022, users will also be granted access to the all-new Flite App - think Nike+ or Strava but for eFoiling - with leaderboards, competitions and ride data accessible from your smartphone. 


Waveshark Jetboard 

The WaveShark Jetboard is positioned as "the most sophisticated and user-friendly modular design in the electric surfboard world". Sporting a mechanically optimised hydrodynamic hull, the user is well equipped to slice through both rough and calm seas with ease. The board guarantees up to 45 minutes of ride time granted by a 3.6kWh lithium battery, while a bionic fin and electric jet pump propulsion system add to the fun.


Lift3 eFoil

The Lift3 and Lift3 Elite eFoils are the two latest electric hydrofoil surfboard models from Puerto Rican company Lift Foils - Mark Zuckerburg's board builder of choice. With an updated shape for increased aerodynamics and manoeuvrability, the Lift3 can reach speeds of 30 mph and has a ride time of up to two hours on a two-hour charge. Available in four different sizes, the Lift3 is controlled by an ergonomic waterproof wireless Bluetooth hand controller and packs enough power to pull two riders at the same time. Elsewhere, the new model features redesigned edges and water release points for a smoother, more stable ride on the water, balancing both stability and performance.

From $10,900 to $14,000,

Awake RÄVIK 3

This electric jet board is the latest iteration from Swedish boardmaker Awake, designed for fast straights, sharp corners, and superlative acceleration. Built in carbon fibre, the RÄVIK 3 can reach a top speed of 53kph and can go from 0-50 in just five seconds. Whether you want to race a friend or potter about bays, a mobile phone app provides the rider with four rider modes depending on mood or experience; KIDS, ECO, SPORT and EXTREME. The award-winning board is controlled by a wireless throttle, weighs 40kg, and can run up to 40 minutes.

From €11,900,

Onean Carver Twin

Onean's Carver Twin features a double jet system allowing riders up to 90kg to experience the thrill of planing across the surface of the ocean. Its twin jets can eject more water without draining the battery for top-of-the-range performance and a top speed of 37kph. Easy to use and offering up 40 minutes of ride time, the Carver Twin is the perfect all-rounder and can be mastered in a matter of minutes. Controlled by a wireless remote, riders can adjust the speed with its pressure sensor system.


Radinn Explore

Beginner boarders may look no further than Radinn’s Explore jet board. It's a reliable board that's built to last with a durable undercoating, built-in bumper and a full-impact deck pad - perfect for rowdy charter guests. Powered by an ultra-quiet electric motor and controlled by a wireless, handheld remote, riders can blast across the water at up to 25mph. LED indicators will let you know how much juice is left in the battery. When you're running low, simply the swap the batteries and you’re good to go for round two. Radinn boards can be configured to suit: choose between 'standard' and 'pro' performance for speed with optional extras for extended range.

From €6,500,

Jet Surf Electric

Jet Surf is known for their fast, petrol-powered jet boards, from its Adventure model offering up to three hours of cruising, to its top-of-the-line Race Titanium model, which has an eye-watering top speed of 40mph. But, for 2020, Jet Surf have introduced an all new electric option to its line up. Maintaining the same DNA as the rest of the Jet Surf family, the Electric model has a full carbon fibre hull made for perfect manoeuvrability and speed (and only weighs 29kg).

From €10,990


Mertek's electric surfboard is inflatable so it's easy to move around and less prone to damage. Perfect for superyacht stowage, it folds down to a third of its full size. Controlled by a wireless remote with eight-speed settings, the board can run for an hour at a standard speed and can reach up to 16mph. A hydrofoil fin allows the board to skim the water (so there's less bump from the waves). There’s a handle on both sides making it easy to climb up from the water and hold on when using it like a body board.



The carbon fibre jet board is electric-powered with a swappable battery system that takes just 30 seconds to change over, so you can spend more time out on the water and less time faffing with batteries. A swallow tail allows for greater hold and traction, while twin fins let you carve through the water with ease. There's a bluetooth throttle control, LED battery level indicator and a glove compartment to store valuables.

From €24,999,

Wave Jam 156

The Wave Jam is designed for a thrilling ride on the water that requires relatively little balance or skill. This souped-up bodyboard has a top speed of 10mph and almost an hour of run time. A three-speed setting means you can set the pace; to steer you simply lean in the direction you wish to go. It’s light – just 24 kg – and compact so perfect for any superyacht toy box.

From £4,461

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