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The finest Champagnes to drink this season

24 December 2020By Dom Pérignon

From being served at state celebrations, to glasses raised at royal weddings and used to toast long-awaited new boats, Dom Pérignon Champagne has long been synonymous with glamour and luxury. Perhaps it’s hardly surprising – back in the 16th century, the brand’s monasterial namesake invented the distinctive cork bottle-top that’s used world-over today. What would a party be, after all, without that distinctive hum of laughter and music, corks popping and glass clinking, which always sounds so welcoming?

There’s a wealth of beguiling bottles to choose from, but the following vintages will be at their peak this winter, meaning there’s no time like the present to stock up, and enjoy – on board or at home.

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2010

Extraordinarily wet weather conditions prior to the 2010 harvest resulted in generously ripened, and surprisingly sweet Pinot Noir grapes, which have been blended with the fruits of a rich and concentrated Chardonnay variety. Zesty top notes of mango, mandarin, jasmine and lilac are reminiscent of a rain-soaked garden, followed by a sappy, peppery body that is full of spice. Best paired with umami-rich foods such as prawns or rotisserie lamb.


Dom Pérignon Vintage 2002 – Plénitude 2

To achieve the Dom Pérignon standard, each Champagne must be matured for at least eight years. For each vintage and from its inception, a limited number of bottles are set aside in the cellars, predestined for longer maturation. First harvested in 2002, the 17-year-old Plénitude 2 vintage has now reached the second stage of its maturation and presents its flavours with a greater intensity and depth. This golden-hued Champagne is distilled from Chardonnay grapes boasting the highest sugar content in two decades. Grown under high heats and blustering winds, the grapes were almost over-ripe upon harvest, leading to a superlative aroma. The vintage opens with exotic notes of frangipane, confit fruits and fresh coriander, offset by hints saffron and liquorice. Best accompanied with servings of creamy prosciutto, fresh oysters or caviar.


Dom Pérignon Rosé 2006

Crafted from sun-scorched Pinot Noir grapes, this rosé carries a rich colour and is the embodiment of yuletide flavours: a nose of dark spices and cocoa contrasts with an aroma of roasted fig, fragrant apricot and candied oranges. The dark and fruity essence of this vintage is wrapped in a smoky accent, and is enhanced by seasonal dishes, such as foie gras with redcurrant and fig chutney. Having matured in the Dom Pérignon cellars for nearly 12 years, now is the perfect time to enjoy its intense and silky flavours.


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