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Maserati Launches New MC20 Supercar

2020-09-17By Olivia Michel

Maserati, the Italian manufacturer of luxury cars, has announced the launch of its latest supercar – the Maserati Corse 2020. The MC20 model is the first supercar to be launched by Maserati in over a decade and marks the brand’s entrance into the new era.

Constructed with a monocoque carbon-fibre frame, Maserati has described the MC20 as a stripped back, “no frills and no excess” supercar that focuses purely on “pure performance” and “raw beauty” over “sartorial costumes and coverings”.

Available as a sporty convertible or an eco friendly electric car, the MC20 model is defined by sharp edges and a low frame, featuring dramatic butterfly doors for easy access to the driver and passenger seats. Other details including subtle side vents and the brand’s signature trident logo on the wheels and rear window to enhance the elegance of the design.

The car is powered by a V6 twin turbo petrol engine, located at the rear of the model. Developed using Formula 1 technology, the engine will allow drivers to reach speeds of 325km/h and accelerate from standstill to 100km/h in just under three seconds. 

This piece of patented technical expertise, which combines the energy of 630 CV into 3000 cc of displacement, has been produced in its entirety at Maserati’s manufacturing plant in Modena, and is named Nettuno after the Roman god of the sea.

Inside the car, seats are finished in Alcantara leather that has been designed with laser-generated textural effects for a sleek look. A tablet-style screen offers users a fully digitalised information and entertainment system for a seamlessly connected driving experience. 

A collaborative effort between Maserati and fellow Italian brand Sonus faber resulted in a cutting-edge audio system with expertly engineered speakers for optimum acoustics.

The car exterior is available in six different paint colours, including Bianco Audace, which shimmers with iridescent blue undertones, the Blu Infinito which offers a ceramic brilliance when hit but sunlight or the molten metal colouring of Grigio Mistero. 

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