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Fiat Launches New Electric Car with Designer Credentials
2020-03-05By Olivia Michel

Iconic Italian automotive firm Fiat has announced the launch of three one-off New 500 cars. Based on the classic design of the Fiat 500 series, these New 500 models boast both eco-friendly and high-fashion credentials behind their construction.

The electric-powered car has been launched as part of a charity project that supports Earth Alliance, an NGO founded by actor Leonardo DiCaprio which focuses on fighting climate change and supporting wildlife conservation.

the Bulgari-designed Fiat 500 New sports an exterior in the vibrant hue of Imperial Saffron. Image courtesy of Bulgari.

The environmentally-friendly model has been designed ‘based on the principles of sustainability – natural, reused and recycled’. Interiors feature regenerated wood inserts and ‘controlled-origin’ fabrics. Ideal for city driving, the exterior metal body is also fitted with an ‘innovative anti-pollution and anti-bacterial technology that helps purify the air’.

Alongside its eco-friendly aspect, these Fiat New 500 cars also boast sleek styling courtesy of three design industry heavyweights. Giorgio Armani, Bulgari and Kartell have each designed a bespoke model that bear their creators’ signatures.

The Fiat New 500 by Armani is electric and features environmentally-conscious finishes. Image courtesy of Armani.

The Fiat 500 Armani sports a grey-green exterior that has been partially laser-etched to create a silk-like finish. Alloy rims and a convertible fabric roof sport the distinctive GA logo. Interiors brand Kartell has meanwhile produced a particularly eye-catching model, finished with neon-blue paintwork and moulded lace-look patterning on the body that echoes the design of the brands ‘kabuki’ lamps. To support sustainability, the Kartell models features a dashboard and exterior accents in recycled polycarbonate as well recycled plastics fabrics inside.

Finally, the Bulgari ‘Mai troppo’ Fiat has been inspired by the brand’s birthplace city of Rome. Paintwork in Imperial Saffron, made from the gold dust produced as a by-product of the jewel manufacturing process, gives the car a bold look. This is is complimented by a vibrant interior, featuring a dashboard covered in hand-painted silk that sports the motifs of the fashion house. Additionally, the colourful car comes equipped with a jewellery case and hat box in white calf leather, made sustainably from the off-cuts of Bulgari’s leather goods.

The Mai Troppo model by Bulgari features hand-painted silk inside. Image courtesy of Bulgari.

In recent years Fiat’s design has converged ever more with the yachting world. The classic Spiaggina model was relaunched in 2019 with a speedboat-style windscreen, while Italian shipyard Riva and Fiat teamed up in 2016 to produce a limited-edition model inspired by the Aquariva yacht.

If you’re looking for a stylish and sustainable car that can take you from airport to seaport, then make sure to bid in the July 2020 auction for these three remarkable models.