Quiksilver launches tailored office-ready wetsuits
2015-04-30By Zoe Dickens

It’s a common problem. You’re at a sophisticated soiree on a superyacht or dining on a starlit beach when suddenly you’re overcome by the urge to swim in the ocean. But how to avoid ruining your expensive custom-made suit?

The waterproof suit jacket is made from 2mm thick neoprene

Thankfully the design innovators at Quiksilver have created True Wetsuits – a range of tailored neoprene suits that look (almost) like your favourite Savile Row two-piece. The range comes in two styles, a classic slim fit suit in navy or black and a more formal tuxedo for evening occasions. The amphibious waterproof suit jacket is created from 2mm thick neoprene and finished in a single-breasted two-button design complete with top pocket. The tuxedo jacket is created from the same material and finished with a single button and leather-effect detailing to the lapels.

Quiksilver say the quality cut of the suit makes it perfect for the office and evening events

Aimed at water sports fans, the suits are ‘tailored to fit in various occasions, from working to surfing. Whether it’s the office or the ocean, you won’t miss the big wave.’ And, in case you were wondering what to wear underneath, Quiksilver have also developed a sharp water-repellent shirt using their patented ‘Dry Flight’ technology. Complete with a button-down collar and cuffs, the brand promises that even if it’s wet when you leave the beach, by the time you arrive at work your shirt will be crisp, clean and dry.

The classic tuxedo style will take water sports fans straight from the beach to the bar

There’s no need to worry about accessories either as both suits come with a choice of neoprene ties and bow ties, safeguarding your look not just from sea water but accidental spillages as well. And if you’re having too much fun? Still at the concept stage, the True Wetsuits site teases a matching pen which, when pushed in the sea, automatically sends an email to your boss excusing your lateness.

If you’re sold on the ‘work to wave’ concept, all three variations of the True Wetsuit are available through the Japanese arm of Quicksilver and will set you back ¥300,000 (around £1,600). Visit truewetsuits.jp to find out more.