VistaJet launches digital membership platform VistaJet Direct

30 August 2017• Written by Zoe Dickens

Global private aviation company VistaJet has announced the launch of VistaJet Direct, a new digital membership platform offering a new way to fly by private jet by granting priority access to the company's one-way and empty leg flights at preferential rates.

The new service will complement the company’s existing three-year Program and On Demand services, although you do not have to be a member of either of these to use VistaJet Direct, and is offered in the form of an app available at a cost of $10,000 annually. The app allows users to select their favourite destinations and uses GPS to identify the closest airports to the user. It will then notify them when an aircraft will be in their area and allows them to book and confirm the aircraft through the app for a fixed price.

VistaJet Direct offers a flexible, easy way to enjoy the VistaJet exerience

Unlike similar services that only allow seat-only bookings or can only offer flights subject to owner availability, VistaJet Direct offers members the full VistaJet experience. Once a booking has been confirmed, the member is granted exclusive use of the jet complete with British Butler Institute-trained hostess and, as VistaJet owns its fleet of 70 Bombardier private jets, members can book with peace of mind knowing their flight is guaranteed. To make things even easier, the app can also be used to tailor flight details such as catering and additional ground services.

“With VistaJet Direct we have invested heavily into a technology that addresses the real needs and desires of our customers,” said Thomas Flohr, chairman and founder of VistaJet. “The whole world is turning into a now world. People don’t have time to wait an hour for their PAs to book flights, this app allows them to book and confirm in minutes. VistaJet Direct is the fastest and most convenient way to fly VistaJet. Customers can now book a flight and access the full array of our services no matter where in the world they are, at a time to suit them.”

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