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Yes, this man really is surfing on a motorbike
2015-08-04By Zoe Dickens

When it comes to extreme water sports most athletes have just one thing in mind: going bigger, better and more innovative than ever before. And, while for some this might mean setting yourself alight before riding a huge wave or kitesurfing from the mast of Volvo Ocean Race yacht, for Robbie Maddison only the seemingly impossible would be good enough.

The X Games medalist and multiple world record holding motocross rider teamed up with American shoe brand DC this summer to achieve the unbelievable feat of ‘surfing’ his dirtbike on the iconic waves of Tahiti. As the video above shows, the results are something quite spectacular.

Maddison starts by riding his bike through the forest, initially testing his sea legs on rivers and streams before bursting out onto the open ocean. Riding past startled rowers and surfers, Maddison then takes to the waves, completing an impressive full wave ride.

Maddison takes to the open ocean

However, if you want to work out what makes this feat possible you’ll need to have pretty keen eyesight. Barely perceptible as they skim across the water, each tyre is fitted with a ‘board’ that allows the wheels to continue gaining momentum while the bike glides easily over the water. Genius.

Maddison’s is just the latest in a string of ocean-related stunts that have seen a man live on a melting iceberg for a year, a pro-flyboarder perform some seriously impressive tricks on the French Riviera and even seen  66 people squeeze onto one surfboard to break the world record.



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