Māzŭ creates swim shorts to help protect pink dolphins

4 March 2016• Written by Zoe Dickens

Luxury swimwear brand Māzŭ has teamed up with the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society (HKDCS) marine charity to help protect the threatened pink dolphin.

As part of the project Māzŭ has designed a range of limited edition swim shorts for adults and children. A percentage of sales from the shorts will be donated to the HKDCS to help raise awareness and provide support for the dwindling numbers of pink dolphins.

The Māzŭ shorts will be avaialable for both men and boys

The shorts feature wave and dolphin prints designed by Hong Kong-based artist Marc Allante who says they “reflect Hong Kong’s iconic marine imagery and fluid ocean landscapes”.

The pink dolphin, also known as the Chinese white dolphin, is native to Hong Kong and is commonly found in the Pearl River Delta. It is currently classed as ‘near threatened’ but due to some of the biggest threats facing the world’s oceans, such as pollution and illegal fishing, it could soon become endangered.

The HKDCS was founded in 2003 to protect the fragile marine ecosystem in Hong Kong. As part of this mission, the HKDCS conducts research into local wild dolphin populations, offers educational programmes to local residents and school children and provides tourists with opportunities to participate in dolphin-watching activities in an environmentally friendly way.

The Māzŭ x HKDCS limited edition swim shorts will be available to pre-order from April priced at £70 for children’s sizes and from £110 for adults. Visit mazuswimwear.com.

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