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Starboard Card announces support for nonprofit Elkhorn Marine Conservancy

26 January 2024 • Written by Dea Jusufi

Starboard Card has announced its support for the Elkhorn Marine Conservancy (EMC), a nonprofit organisation based in Antigua dedicated to marine restoration and conservation. 

The company's contribution encompasses financial support and hands-on involvement in coral reef restoration efforts, "reflecting a deep commitment to environmental stewardship".  Starboard Card's chief product officer, Jon Slator, has also "actively volunteered" with the nonprofit, including a recent participation in cleaning coral nurseries near Green Island. 

"While financial aid is essential, the company believes in understanding and actively contributing to the causes it supports," said a Starboard Card spokesperson. "This commitment is part of a larger vision to advocate for and participate in meaningful conservation efforts. Starboard Card encourages the wider yachting and marine community to take inspiration from this initiative and consider ways to actively participate in marine conservation."

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