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My life in boats: the self-proclaimed “Burger King” on his growing classic fleet

5 June 2024 • Written by Grace Trofa

Craig Lamm has always been infatuated with Burger boats. Grace Trofa finds out where the owner's obsession began...

I bought my first boat, a 1961 4.9-metre runabout, with my bar mitzvah money. I told my parents whatever cash comes in, it’s mine. For $800 I bought a boat, motor and trailer. Growing up, my family always had boats, mostly cruisers. When I needed a name for the boat, I asked my grandmother. She told me our name means little lamb, “shepsl” in Yiddish. 

Then I went to my maternal grandparents who were the centre of my universe, and they told me that as a child my grandfather was called a shepsl because he had these tight little curls like a lamb, so that settled it.

My second boat, at 15, was a 5.5-metre with a cuddy cabin. In those days all sons of boat owners washed boats for cash. I built up a business with 75 customers — that’s how I bought my boats.

Craig has named all his yachts Shepsl since his first 4.9-metre runabout
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All I ever wanted in life was to have a Burger; I was raised to believe that Burger was the Rolls-Royce of US-made boats.  I was in my early fifties when I bought my first Burger; it signified to me I had made it, and I was Burger Proud. I only buy classic boats, and I currently own 12. My first Burger was a 1986 26.5-metre houseboat-style custom build that I keep in Fort Lauderdale along with my centre console fishing boat. 

Also in Craig's fleet is the Burger Shepsl XI
Courtesy of owner

The second Burger is a 1974 23-metre with the same silhouette that I pined over when I was 17, and the latest is a 36-metre Burger built in 1985. She is having a refit to bring her up to my standards. The primary reason I bought her was to have a formal crew area.

In Michigan, I have seven slips at the end of my dock; it’s like having a boat show every day. I have interests in so many things, and I am a crazy eccentric but it’s so much fun. I’m told that I am the only person in the world who owns three Burgers, and so I am the Burger King — literally. I’m going to come up with a logo and have merchandise made. Why? Because I can!

Chris-Craft Shepsl XII

I’m a liveaboard. The boats are my homes and I have not lived on shore in 15 years. The biggest adjustment was it took two years to get rid of all my crap. I keep nine classic boats in Michigan, from the 1950s and 60s; my biggest wooden boat is a 1955 16-metre Chris-Craft. It has been my summer home for 30 years. I keep a full-time crew and collect awards in classic boat shows in Michigan because all my boats are in top condition.

Craig never goes to the Exumas empty-handed — Craig’s Pantry recently distributed Easter baskets there
Courtesy of owner
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My favourite cruising ground is the Exumas. Since Covid-19, we decided to fish with purpose. My attitude has been if we take their fish I should feed them. Craig’s Pantry International was created to bring food and supplies to the Exumas primarily.

Tourism there took a big hit with Covid and still there is a great need. We tow an 11-metre Intrepid and use it to distribute supplies to the Out Islands. We are leaving for a month with seven pallets. Craig’s Pantry and Outreach in Broward County, Florida, is a program to feed Jewish people kosher food, according to their dietary needs. I also partner with a food bank in Israel; for me, sharing food is love.

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