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My life in boats: Christian Ree, owner of sailing yacht Ree

6 November 2017 • Written by Interview by Grace Trofa

After the sale of the family’s classified ad paper, Karsten Ree surprised his family with a 34 metre sailboat. Son Christian, who now manages Ree, tells Grace Trofa why he keeps it green...

My first sailing memories are of being in rough seas on our 11.6 metre sailboat; my father has always been fond of feeling the power of nature. I remember being tucked below and squinting through the porthole trying to spy fish. We never went out with blue sky and no wind. With our Swedish built 6.4 metre Coronet speedboat, we’d spend more time in the air than on the sea. I loved it, it felt like flying.

The Ree family

The new generation sees yachts as benchmarks of power and prestige but for us it has always been about getting from A to B in a steady and environmentally friendly way. You are not completely in control. If you have the wind coming from the wrong direction, you know you will arrive later.

We charter Ree and keep her outside Barcelona in summer for easy access to cruising grounds but also for our crew: they need time to relax, to be young and have a social life. Croatia has been one of my absolute favourite places in the past couple of years. You still find secluded spots but have the choice to be around lots of people. We really like to get off the grid and detox.

Ree is kept outside Barcelona so the crew can enjoy the city. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Leaving the world a better place than when we entered it is something very key for the Danish. We do the best we can to leave a green footprint, also on the yacht. We produce our own water, keep energy consumption reasonable and try to give people a feeling that they can enjoy a luxurious vacation while being good to the world.

We were happy to be rewarded as the most environmentally conscious yacht by the Charter Yacht Brokers Association. Ree is very luxurious, with spacious cabins and a beautiful interior, but it feels like a boat. That homey feeling is what sold us.

Croatia is one of Ree's favourite places to sail. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

I now have a son, my first child, who is 10 months old and already very adventurous. It is nice to have someplace like Ree that we can share as a family. For my father’s 70th birthday, we did a Scandinavian cruise. It was a struggle getting into ports but nice to rediscover familiar waters after many years. The magic time is when you sit back on the deck after a good day of sailing with a drink, drained of energy but looking forward to a great meal.

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