KSE - Monte Fino

Monte Fino is a luxury yacht company owned by Kha Shing Enterprise in Taiwan, with dealers and distributors in Australia, Europe, the U.S. and Caribbean.


In 1985, Monte Fino introduced first 16.25-metre yacht to both the Japanese and European market. In 1993 came the first Monte Fino 28-metre yacht with a wide-body design on a wider-beam hull, which was sold and delivered to a Japanese client. In 2000, Monte Fino delivered a 34-metre customised yacht that was the biggest composite yacht built and delivered from Taiwan at the time.

Notable Launches

The 25.9-metre Monte Fino ecHo 85, designed by Humphreys Yacht Design (the H of ecHo is for Humphreys Yacht Designs), is a modern eco-friendly rendition of an explorer-style yacht, built to provide reduced fuel consumption and emissions. With exterior styling in contemporary Italian style, she features an interior design by Giorgia Drudi, formerly of Ferretti Yachts.

Majestic One is a 24-metre luxury yacht built in 1998. The Dubois-styled Masteka 2, at 37.1 metres, was built by the Kha Shing shipyard in 2009. Samaric 78 launched in 2011.


Monte Fino superyachts showcase a combination of European technology and design innovation along with the Taiwanese work ethic and advanced production techniques.