Nordhavn Yachts

Expedition yacht builder Nordhavn has delivered more than 850 yachts to over 500 owners, most of whom are owner/operators of their vessels. These full displacement, true oceangoing passagemakers are built of fibreglass composite to the shipyard’s highest standards.

History of Nordhavn Yachts

What in 1974 began as a small yacht brokerage and import company founded by Jim Leishman, Dan Street and Joe Meglen headquartered in Dana Point, California, has evolved into the present-day Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE). In the beginning, PAE imported a yacht model from Taiwan called the Transpac 49. Over an eight-year period, the company imported, sold and delivered 35 Transpacs. When the time was right to develop their own models, PAE began with sailing yachts in the late 1970s, forming a relationship with new Tawainese shipyard Ta Shing Yacht Building. In 1988, as the sailing yacht market was declining, PAE started with a 14m motor yacht project designed by Jeff Leishman, Jim’s brother. Because its style and look was reminiscent of North Sea fishing trawlers, the name Nordhavn (Norwegian for North Harbor) was chosen for this new design. Hull #1 of the Nordhavn 46 was completed and shipped in early 1989. Nordhavn currently offers 17 designs from 12 to 36.57 metres.

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Notable Nordhavn Yachts

Luxury yacht builder Nordhavn’s production series includes such innovative models as a 56-foot Motorsailer and the 75 Exploration Yacht Fisher, as well as the European-styled Nordhavn 78. On the superyacht side, PAE’s first Nordhavn 120, the 36.75m flagship motor yacht Aurora, was received with awards and acclaim in 2014.

Specialisations of Nordhavn

Nordhavn specialises in true oceangoing passagemakers meant to take their owners across any ocean in safety, luxury and comfort. They have developed a reputation for building robust explorer yachts at the smaller end of the expedition yacht market.

YACHTS BY Nordhavn


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