Located in Southern Brazil, luxury yacht builder Schaefer Yachts manufactures motor yachts up to 24 metres in length.

History of Schaefer

Founded in 1992, luxury yacht builder Schaefer Yachts helped to establish the Santa Catarina area in Southern Brazil as a yachting hub. The shipyard made its mark with the Phantom line of luxury motor yachts and grew to become one of the country’s largest boat manufacturers. Today, there are more than 3,000 Schaefer luxury yachts around the world. Luxury yacht builder Schaefer currently produces 10 yacht models designed to navigate the tropics. The shipyard’s locations in Palhoça Biguaçu and Florianópolis have developed more than 1,000 direct jobs for the company and about 1,500 indirect jobs. Schaefer Yachts collaborates on the design of some its luxury yacht models with major international design studio Pininfarina.

Notable Schaefer Yachts

The Phantom 303 is luxury yacht builder Schaefer Yachts’ most successful model, with over 1,500 units sold. The shipyard bills itself as “Brazil’s Best-Selling Boat”. The 18.6m Phantom 620 Pininfarina flybridge motor yacht features styling by design studio Pininfarina and is built utilising advanced technology. This luxury motor yacht is equipped with traditional twin engines up to 11,50hp or twin Volvo IPS propulsion systems up to 1,200hp.

Specialisations of Schaefer Yachts

Brazilian luxury yacht builder Schaefer Yachts manufactures performance motor yachts utilising infusion technology in order to create minimal waste for the environment.