Meet Turquoise's military-esque explorer concept Barracuda

17 February 2021

H2 Yacht Design reveals more about the design of the 74 metre superyacht concept Barracuda.

How did the project come about?

The origin of the Barracuda project can be traced back to 2015. H2 was approached by Turquoise to develop a new design combining the classic lines of Talisman C with the award-winning layout of Vicky. In 2018 we were asked to revisit the design in an attempt to tap into the emerging explorer market and provide Turquoise with something a little different for their marketing portfolio. After our recent success with the Ulysses project, we adjusted our design language in favour of a more rugged explorer type aesthetic with a ‘military’ inspired appearance incorporating a sharper more aggressive styling with simplified surfacing.

What was the brief for the project?

The brief was essentially to create a new aesthetic for the yard that expanded their portfolio and market penetration whilst fitting on their existing 72 metre platform. The market was shifting with more demand for explorer type vessels that retain the interior comforts of a typical superyacht. The design bridged that gap and provides a successful design language that is scalable.

What is the inspiration behind the design?

Simplified surfacing and a reduction of soft curved lines naturally creates a stealth-like military aesthetic, an expression of form at its most basic. we wanted to create something that looked tough and capable of sailing anywhere. It was refreshing to adopt a more utilitarian approach to styling.

What is your favourite feature or space of the design?

There are many but perhaps the owner’s deck in general offers a great feeling of space and connection with the outside thanks to large floor to ceiling windows in both the full beam upper lounge, with inside-outside dining, through to the impressive forward-facing owners suite.

What was the most challenging part of the design?

Trying to be innovative and original without being too radical or too conceptual. Clients are predominantly very conservative with an eye on charter potential or even resale.

What has the feedback been in response to the design?

Lots of very positive feedback. It’s been very close to finding a home on a number of occasions. The design has evolved too and is now available in a larger format with an extra deck.