Step on board the two tenders serving 68m Soaring

10 January 2021

The pair of tenders that serve the 68 metre Abeking & Rasmussen superyacht Soaring  are outstanding examples of Compass Tenders' customised models. Take a closer look...

Limousine Tender

The larger of the two tenders is the limousine. Measuring nine metres in length, the limousine is powered by two Yanmar 4LV250HP engines and a pair of Yanmar ZT370 stern drives that allow this tender to reach a maximum speed of 36 knots.

The tender has been customised with an orange stripe along the hull, a colour scheme matching the distinctive exterior design of the mothership.

Inside, special care has been taken to ensure optimum guest comfort. Up to 10 passengers and two crew can be seated inside, boarding the tender from either the aft or forward entranceways.

Motorised doors and roof panels further ease the boarding experience, and the air-conditioned cabin has been specifically designed to allow in natural light. Smart leather seating and teak flooring are protected from the outdoor elements by the hard top and provide a relaxing atmosphere for those on board.

Open Launch Tender

The limousine tender was delivered with the 7.5 metre open launch tender. Designed entirely in-house, the compact hull of this tender has excellent seakeeping qualities.

Matched in styling to the mothership and limousine, this tender features a sporty design while carrying a total of 10 passengers. The offset console allows for a seamless connection between the forward and aft seating, and also offers an uninterrupted view forward from the principal portside seat, which is located next to the primary boarding point.

Exhibiting excellent performance with a top speed of 36 knots, this tender is powered by a single Yanmar 250hp engine with stern drive that offers additional acceleration when required. She is perfect for participating in watersports and for enjoying a day out on the water on fair-weather days.