Limousine Tender Showcase

1 May 2020

Limousine tenders represent the most elegant and comfortable way of getting from shore to boat. This sector of the market has expanded massively in the last decade, with the result there is no shortage of choice for owners looking to expand their tender fleet. Here, we take a look at some of this market’s most notable recent launches...

Compass/DreAMBoat Custom Limo

  • Designer: Compass
  • LOA: 10.87m
  • Draught: .55m
  • Beam:  3m
  • Stowed Height:  2.2m
  • Weight: 5,500kg (Displ.)
  • Material: E-glass, Carbon Fibre Composite
  • Engine: 2x Yanmar 8lv@ 320hp
  • Max Speed: 35kts
  • Passengers: 12-14 +2 Crew

Built to maximise the garage space, this limo takes design cues from the mothership and is loaded with luxury features such as dimmable LED spotlights, RGB mood lighting, USB charging points, a sound system with invisible speakers, a fridge and deck shower. The windows and sliding glass entry door have an integrated thermal layer.

Xtenders 9.7m/Lonian

  • Designer: Xtenders/Vripack
  • LOA: 9.7m
  • Draught: 3.2m
  • Stowed Height: 2m
  • Beam: 3.2m
  • Weight:5,859kg
  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Engine: 2x Yanmar @ 260hp
  • Speed: 39kts
  • Passengers: 12+ Driver

Crafted for the 87m Feadship Lonian, this is a multifunctional limo tender/dayboat with both inside and outside seating. The bimini top and windscreens retract to give maximum functional height and still fit the tender bay. Features include Apple TV, electric sliding doors, automatic anchor deployment.

Tenderworks/Lady S

  • Designer: Michael Leach Design
  • Loa: 10.5m
  • Draught: 0.55m
  • Stowed Height: 2m
  • Beam: 3.2m
  • Weight: 5,350kg (Displ.)
  • Material: E-glass, Carbon Fibre Composite
  • Engine: 2x Yanmar 235kW
  • Max Speed: 41kts
  • Passengers: 8-12

A Venetian-style limo designed to carry guests and owners in utmost luxury with multiple opening glass window panels in top, sides and rear and all iPad controls.  Features include leather interior, TV with real-time Oculus Yacht Eye display, champagne chiller and glass storage.

I.C. Yacht/Solange

  • Designer: Zuccon International Project
  • Loa: 9.40m
  • Draught: 30cm (Drive Raised)
  • Beam: 2.70m
  • Weight: 4.2t
  • Material: Carbon, Kevlar, Fiberglass Composite
  • Engine: Volvo Penta 2x 220hp
  • Speed: 40kts
  • Passengers: 12 + Driver

A full custom tender designed to transport guests in all weather in soundproof comfort also includes a swim platform aft. Hull and deck are vacuum infused for strength and lightness. The driver- and boarding-forward design features wrap-around windows and sliding top for extensive views and sofa seating.

Knierim Yachtbau/SOLAS Limo tender to Lürssen yacht 2020

  • Designer: Knierim/Beiderbeck Designs
  • LOA: 11m
  • Draught: 1m
  • Beam: 3.25m
  • Weight: 7.5 Tonnes
  • Stowed Height: 2.4m
  • Material: Fibreglass Composites
  • Engine: 2x Volvo Penta @324kW
  • Max Speed: 30kts
  • Passengers: 12-15 Tender Mode, 38 Solas Mode

Cleverly meeting the needs of limo tender and fully certified SOLAS rescue boat with mandated day head and fore and aft access in one package, the profile has been dressed up to not look out of place on a superyacht deck. In tender mode it has luxury seating and a bar.

Maori Yachts/Madsummer

  • Designer: Marco Ciampa
  • LOA: 11.08m
  • Draught: 1.46m
  • Beam: 3.01m
  • Stowed Height: 1.86m
  • Weight: 7.69 Tonnes
  • Material: Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre Composite
  • Engine: Mercury 3x Bravo @195kW
  • Max Speed: 42kts
  • Passengers: 10 Inside, 6 Outside

This small Sardinian shipyard typically turns out high-speed open luxury chase boats and small sport yachts, each built by hand to exacting standards. Madsummer’s tender is its first limo but features such tricks as a lifting top to standing interior height, bow seating and sunpads aft.

Wajer 38L/Tis

  • Designer: Vripack/Wajer
  • LOA: 11.3m
  • Draught:  1.01m
  • Beam: 3.7m
  • Weight:  7.5t
  • Material: Fibreglass Composite
  • Engine: 2x Volvo Penta @260hp
  • Max Speed:  34kts
  • Passengers: 16

The design was modified with Hamilton water jets mounted aft of the stern to reduce draught. The driver rides in a deep bow cockpit on a shock absorbing chair. Guests enjoy a fully automated climate control system inside and a sliding soft top roof. Aft bench seating is also featured.

Tenderworks/Bravo Eugenia

  • Designer: Nuvolari Lenard/Tenderworks
  • LOA: 11.65
  • Draught: 0.55m
  • Beam:  3.25m
  • Stowed Height:  2.3m
  • Weight: 5,850 Kg (Displ.)
  • Material: E-glass, Carbon Fibre Composite
  • Engine:  2x Yanmar 8lv @ 235kW
  • Max Speed:  41kts
  • Passengers: 14 +2 Crew

Rather than copy the look of the 109m mothership, the designers sought to focus on the yacht’s design language and character. The result is sleek and distinctive with emphasis on comfort and features such as sophisticated lighting, glass and stainless steel details such as fashion plates and an openable roof.

Perini Navi/Custom Eco-tender to 50m ketch

  • Designer: Perini Navi
  • LOA: 25.5m
  • Draught: 1.3m
  • Beam: 5.8m
  • Stowed Height: N/a
  • Weight: 75t (Displ.)
  • Material:  Aluminium
  • Engine: 2x @man 1,213 kW
  • Max Speed: 30kts
  • Passengers: 8 + 2 Crew

Perini’s first ever planing motor yacht was designed as the tender to a 50m Perini ketch but also suits the demand for large, independent multi-function tenders with overnight accommodations. It features multi-mode hybrid propulsion for either direct or electronic drive to two water jets. High bulwarks allow boarding direct from the deck of the sailing yacht.


  • Designer: Cockwells
  • LOA: 8m
  • Draught: .48m
  • Beam:  2.53m
  • Stowed Height:  1.86m
  • Weight: 3,088 Kg
  • Material:  E-glass, Carbon Fibre Composite
  • Engine:  2x Volvo D3 @ 162kW
  • Max Speed: 37kts
  • Passengers:  10

Scout’s owner wanted both open and limo tenders but since there is only room for one plus the rescue boat in the tender well, Cockwells made an air conditioned limo that opens with an electric sliding glass roof sliding and dropdown windows. Smartglass roof panels control UV rays. It features joystick control and a password protected security interface.