Life Proof Boats by IMS

Silver Exhibitor

Life Proof Boats by IMS is based in Washington, US, and specialises in manufacturing supremely sturdy vessels. Meticulously constructed from premium materials, models by Lifeproof Boats by IMS feature the brand’s signature life boat collar system, foam-filled voids to increase floatation and self-bailing decks that ensure water can be cleared in under two minutes. These technologies ensure that the boats not only look great on the water, but are ultra sturdy and secure too – whatever the weather.

Boats produced by Life Proof Boats by IMS range from pleasure crafts or fishing boats to support vessels or superyacht tenders, and with a range of customisation options available, will make the perfect addition to any superyacht owner’s fleet.

50’ Full Cabin

15.24 m |  

35' GT Coupe

10.67 m |  

33' Full Cabin

10.06 m |  

33' Yachtline

10.06 m |  

31' GT Coupe

9.45 m |  


8.23 m |