Sizzler: The 18 Metre Sloop

Sizzler is a mini superyacht and one of the most sophisticated day-sailers ever built.

She was designed for a lake (a rather large lake in fact - thirty miles long and three miles wide) with the objective to offer an effortless and enjoyable sailing experience. Designed for fun and cockpit entertainment on the lake, Sizzler was built for singlehanded, push-button operation that not only enables solo sailing but even includes automatic self-tacking.

Constructed with cold-moulded epoxy cedar/mahogany and carbon fibre, the design features a flush deck, plumb bow, open reverse transom with an overhang and a lifting keel with a huge bulb, all complemented by a high-aspect ratio rudder.

It also has a 27.5 metre carbon fibre rig and integral wishbone vang for a futuristic profile. Sizzler is a stunning yacht built to the highest standards. She may be 10 years old now, but her lines are sleek and pure and she is an excellent example of the Tony Castro studio creating innovative designs ahead of its time.

With an LOA of 18.25 metre, Sizzler was built with Hagadone Marine Group / The Resort Boatshop. 

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