Camper & Nicholsons signs new Wider superyacht concept for sale

28 September 2011 • Written by Malcolm MacLean

A call to David Seal at Camper & Nicholsons confirms that he’s signed the central agency for sale of the new 45.7m Wider 150 motor yacht project and will be working closely with the new Italian Wider yard to bring the concept to completion.

The Wider 150 is powered by a hybrid diesel/electric propulsion system, which allows it to reduce energy consumption when high speeds are not required. It has a range of about eight hours and 56 miles when running on the electric engines, powered by batteries only, even with all onboard appliances in use. If diesel feeds the engine, another three speeds and ranges can be achieved. If diesel and electric are used together, the yacht can reach a top speed of more than 20 knots.The 150’s composite construction and semi-planing hull also help to minimise drag, optimise speed and thereby reduce the amount of fuel required to reach a desired speed.

The concept features four guest cabins, four crew cabins, and a master cabin with panoramic views on the upper deck. Layout and furnishings can be tailored to clients’ needs and David says the asking price is in the region of €21-€22 million.

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