International Yacht Collection drops MITseaAH’s price

14 January 2009 • Written by Malcolm MacLean

Robert McKeage of International Yacht Collection in Fort Lauderdale has just told me that there is another reduction in the price of the 47.5m Pendennis MITseaAH, built in 1996 and refitted in 2006. Originally on the market for $27 million, she went down to $25.5 million and is now asking $23.9 million. Wanting the feel of a large sailing yacht with the 25 knot speed of his previous motor yacht, the owner asked naval architect David Pedrick to think radically. And so he did, proposing a planing hull form for a relatively lightweight sailing cruiser. Telescopic rudders, a swing bulb keel and planing flaps morph the underbody from sailing sloop to power boat in minutes. Then twin Paxman diesels come into action, delivering speeds in excess of 20 knots. There are five well-appointed staterooms, but perhaps the most enticing aspect of the deal is that there is owner financing available.

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