The final word on superyacht Emerald Isle's sale from RJC Yachts

23 September 2010 • Written by Malcolm MacLean

Time now to draw a close to the saga of the 38.2m motor yacht Emerald Isle's sale, reported here on September 19th, as Bob Cury of RJC Yachts writes in to say that he represented the buyer in the transaction. His words are worth printing in full, I think:

"What you should know regarding yacht sales that are handled through an auction house is that the buyer pays the commission above and beyond the selling price. Attached please find the first page of our Yacht Purchase Agreement on Emerald Isle and, with the 10% additional commissions, the superyacht sold well north of the $2.27 million reported to you. I do not think it is helpful for any selling prices to be reported particularly in the very down market we are in. The seller also happened to be elderly and ill, thus creating a very unfortunate situation."

I have a feeling that it'll be a long time before I cover another superyacht auction.

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