The A List: Yachting's Top Designers In Their Own Words

What do younger superyacht designers bring to the discipline?

Aristotelis Betsis, Finalist, Young Designer Of The Year 2020 Aesthetics will evolve as designers’ visions get bolder. In my opinion, the seamless integration of rules and regulations in design, with equal respect to the environment and on board safety, will be in demand to create guest focused and yet spectacular yachts.

Luca Abbate, Finalist, Young Designer Of The Year 2020 The naval sector is constantly changing in terms of design, innovation and yacht construction. Modern yacht trends are starting to bring about a real revolution in style and spaces on board. Personally, I find inspiration in trying to mirror nature, without forgetting art, architecture and car design.

Anna Borla, Finalist, Young Designer Of The Year 2020 I think that young designers can give this amazing superyacht world great enthusiasm, thanks to their passion and the desire to test new ideas.

Luca Scarsella, Finalist, Young Designer Of The Year 2020 I hope, new intentions, new directions, new interpretations and new approaches – all with great respect for the past.

Valentin Weigand, Winner, Young Designer Of The Year 2020 Perspective! The feel of what is right for future superyacht owners – growing up alongside this new generation.

What is a superyacht designer’s most underestimated skill?

Alessandro Nazareth, A Vallicelli & C The most underestimated skill of a yacht designer is the fact that most designers are sailors (I mean people going on the sea, mainly on a sailing yacht for myself). Many clients do not understand that their big toy is firstly a boat running on the sea.

Sandrine Melot, Melot + Trillo It could be the designer’s ability to interpret the general arrangement, the first one, the one given by the shipyard that is used as a discussion basis to elaborate the price of the project.

Luiz De Basto, De Basto Designs It’s what I call social fluidity: the ability to communicate one’s own ideas in a persuasive and effective way to all parties involved in the project.

Steve Gresham, Gresham Yacht Design The ability to draw, especially in three dimensions, to quickly explain your design to a client or builder, saves so much time and enables the designer to explore far more ideas, quickly leading to a better-resolved design.

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