10 facts about Dilbar superyacht

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Credit: Guillaume Plisson

10 facts about Lürssen's 156m superyacht Dilbar

5 November 2021 • Written by Olivia Michel


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Lurssen ·  156 m ·  2016

Launched by German shipyard Lürssen in 2016, Dilbar is a record-breaking superyacht. Her builder has even claimed that she “is one of the most complex and challenging yachts ever built, in terms of both dimensions and technology.” This standout superyacht was delivered to her owner Uzbekistani billionaire Alisher Usmanov as a replacement for Usmanov’s previous yacht of the same name, which has since been renamed Al Raya. Information about the super-secretive yacht is scarce but the figures that have been revealed are impressive. Read on to discover the 10 most incredible facts about Dilbar

Delivered in 2016, Dilbar is the largest yacht in the world by gross tonnage.
Credit: Klaus Jordan

1. Dilbar is the fourth longest yacht in the world

At 156 metres, the Espen-Øino designed Dilbar is one of the longest superyachts in the world. She was a step up from Usmanov’s previous Dilbar yacht, now renamed Al Raya, which measured only 110 metres.

2. She can accommodate almost 100 crew members

Dilbar is normally run by a crew of 80 that help maintain the superyacht and wait on her guests. When necessary, this crew capacity can be increased to a maximum of 96 crew members, meaning Dilbar can carry as many as 120 people at full capacity.

Dilbar can carry as many as 120 people at a time.
Credit: Klaus Jordan

3. The largest yacht in the world by gross tonnage

While the title of largest yacht in the world by length goes to the 180.61 metre Azzam, the 156 metre Dilbar has the greatest interior volume of any yacht ever delivered, boasting an impressive gross tonnage of 15,917. This translates into 3,800 square metres of living space for 24 guests styled by Winch Design with rare and exclusive luxury materials and extended by fold-out balconies.

Dilbar features two helipad and carries a H175 helicopter.
Credit: Klaus Jordan

4. Dilbar has the largest swimming pool ever installed on a superyacht

Measuring 25 metres long, the swimming pool on board Dilbar can hold an impressive amount of water – 180 cubic metres of water in fact. The swimming pool on Dilbar is reportedly the largest pool to ever be installed on board a superyacht.

Credit: Klaus Jordan

5. There is a garden on board

For guests missing the shore, Dilbar is equipped with an expansive garden complete with a specially developed variety of grass that tolerates salt air. The designer of the garden, German architect and founder of Yacht-Green Axel Massmann, disclosed that plants from “Mediterranean areas” were chosen because “Dilbar tends to be between the South of France, northern Spain and sometimes Cyprus.” By choosing plants grown within EU waters, Dilbar was also spared the headache of customs regulations that forbid the import of foreign plants.

It took around four years for Dilbar to be built.
Credit: Guillaume Plisson

6. The yacht is powered by a 30,000KW electric diesel power plant

Opting for an electric-diesel hybrid power source helps reduce Dilbar’s emissions while still providing a top speed of 22.5 knots. Her builder Lürssen claims that the 30,000 KW power plant on which Dilbar runs is the most powerful to ever be fitted on a superyacht.

7. Over 1,100km of cables were installed on board

Dilbar was a technical feat. A total of 1,100 kilometres of cabling (almost the same length as the total land borders of the country of Bhutan) was stretched throughout the interior to power all of the amenities and facilities on board.

Dilbar's extremely private owners have kept her interiors tightly under wraps.
Credit: Guillaume Plisson

8. There are two helipads

Helipads are a key asset to helping owners and guests make smooth and swift journeys from ship to shore. Dilbar however is equipped with not one but two helipads where the H175 helicopter can land to drop off or pick up. The first is located forward at the bow of the yacht, while the second is situated aft on the top deck flybridge.

The yacht was a technical feat constructed by Lürssen.
Credit: Guillaume Plisson

9. Dilbar was built in just 52 months

From the time of signing the contract to delivering the superyacht to her owner, Lürssen and the designers working on the project managed to construct and complete Dilbar in just over four years.

10. The interiors feature over 1,000 sofa cushions

The amount of living space on board meant that Winch Design had to decorate the interiors with plentiful soft furnishings. Dilbar has been outfitted with over 1,000 custom-made sofa cushions on board, with each and every one uniquely designed to fit the interior scheme.

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