The best photos of Sailing Yacht A

The boundary pushing Sailing Yacht A is a natural head turner. Delivered in 2017 by German yard Nobiskrug, Sailing Yacht A measures a total of 142.81 metres and is classed as a "sail-assisted motor yacht". BOAT rounds up the best photos of Sailing Yacht A from around the world.

Sailing Yacht A in the Isle of Man

Image courtesy of Peter Lobley/twitter @retepyelbol

In April 2021, Sailing Yacht A was spotted cruising the cool waters of the Irish Sea as she dropped anchor in Douglas Bay on the Isle of Man. She made her way to the island after departing from the Coast of Spain in late March, gathering a crowd of spectators upon her arrival.

Sailing Yacht A with Azzam

Image courtesy of @superyachts_gibraltar

Here, Sailing Yacht A is pictured alongside the 180 metre Lürssen Azzam, the largest superyacht in the world. The two superyachts were spotted in Gibraltar in 2021.

Sailing Yacht A Anchored Off the Cap d'Antibes

_Image courtesy of Raphael Montigneaux_

In the 2020 summer season, Sailing Yacht A was spotted off the coast of Antibes, France.

Sailing Yacht A on the French Riviera

_Image courtesy of Julien Hubert_

Here, Sailing Yacht A is pictured arriving in the French Riviera earlier in the 2020 summer season. The yacht was photographed by Julien Hubert.

Sailing Yacht A in Sardinia

Image courtesy of Tom van Oossanen

This photo of Sailing Yacht A was taken in Sardinia in 2019 from a tender.

Sailing Yacht A's Stern

Again snapped in Sardinia, Sailing Yacht A's stern, name plate and balcony are clearly visible.

Underwater lighting illuminates Sailing Yacht A's hull

Pictured in January 2017, shortly before her delivery, Sailing Yacht A is seen here illuminating the waters around the Nobiskrug yard with her underwater lighting. This stunning photo also shows her light-up nameplate, which matches the style of the nameplate on Melnichenko's Motor Yacht A.

Aft view of Sailing Yacht A

This photo of Sailing Yacht A gives a view of a parts of the yacht that was previously unseen — the aft deck. Much like Andrey Melnichenko's Motor Yacht A, the yacht looks as though there isn't much outdoor space, but seen from behind in this video of Motor Yacht A, the preconceived notion changes. The same can be said for her sailing counterpart. You can see that there are layers of decks that enjoy outdoor space, and the top deck is glassed in, giving a view to the indoor-outdoor lifestyle that might be enjoyed on Sailing Yacht A.

Drone video footage of Sailing Yacht A

One of the best photos of Sailing Yacht A to arise when she went out on sea trials was this shot taken from a drone video. From this angle, we get a great view of the foredeck of Sailing Yacht A and the outdoor living spaces here, which hadn't been seen before.

Masts stepped on Sailing Yacht A

It was big news when the masts were stepped on Sailing Yacht A and we got to see what this formidable vessel would look like for the first time. It also made for one of the best photos of Sailing Yacht A to finally see the giant masts get stepped atop the giant yacht. Dykstra Naval Architects designed the rig on the three-masted yacht, while Philippe Starck, who also designed Steve Jobs' Venus, worked on the yacht's design.

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