Sailing aboard the new superyacht Aegir

31 January 2011 • Written by Andrew C Blatter
The perfect deck layout of Aegir II | photo by Andrew C Blatter

Having spent many years sailing aboard high profile superyachts – including ‘cutting edge’ race boats, traditional and modern classics, and stylish cruisers – the feelings just experienced sailing aboard the new yacht Aegir were most definitely a unique experience all of their own!

To see the yacht ‘in person’, one is first taken by the beautifully clean exterior simplicity of the silver hull and rig, further enhanced by its most amazingly clear sanded teak deck, with silver caulking. One of the highlights here is the untouched clarity of the deck, with all the sail halyards and lines having been run below deck, feeding directly into the 4 winches – two of which, are hidden away under ‘easy access’ flush deck lockers – thus giving a really delightful ‘clean feel’ aboard. The two highly effective carbon helms, are positioned both to port and starboard, from which the helmsman has easy access to all navigation instruments and hydraulic sail / boom controls; and best of all – as I experienced on board myself – one can happily be helming as the ‘sole person’ on deck, with full confidence for the control of the yacht. The helmsman also enjoys the benefit of ‘foot chocks’ below each helm station, to provide good ‘personal stability’ when heeled over; and for crew safety out at sea, they have some very effective ‘spectra lifelines’ running right around the yacht.

Andrew at the helm of Aegir II | photo by Andrew C Blatter

For an 82ft yacht, weighing just 34 tons – with 13 tons loaded into the lead bulb at the base of her keel – it comes as little surprise to feel and enjoy her sailing so well. The yacht is further enhanced by a highly experienced Captain – Shreda Duke – who had spent over 200 thousand miles at sea, prior to him seeing the development of such an inspirational new project, as the yacht Aegir most certainly is. On one side, one can be fully taken in acknowledging Aegir as the really beautiful, modern cruising yacht she is… and yet, to then imagine this same yacht being transformed (losing an amazing 8 tons, in just a few days) into the serious ‘cutting edge’ race boat she then becomes, really puts her into another league all of her own!

On a personal note, whilst helming her recently – in cruising mode – I cannot confirm highly enough, the pure enjoyment factor that saw me with a fixed untouchable smile as we sailed at 16 knots, in just 18 knots of breeze!

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