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Jay Aberdoni reveals 70m retro-futuristic concept Arrakeen

22 September 2023 • Written by Dea Jusufi

Designer Jay Aberdoni has revealed renderings of his new 70-metre concept Arrakeen.

Arrakeen's retro-futuristic lines were created with the aim of "developing a concept in which aesthetics come first," according to Aberdoni. "[I wanted] to free my mind from any rules that would normally define a project and just focus on making it look beautiful."

While Arrakeen's sculptural exterior can be likened to a spaceship, her low profile and domed pilothouse also borrow inspiration from the automotive industry, with the upper deck gullwing doors serving as "a direct reference" to some of Aberdoni's favourite classic cars. Opening up these doors would reveal a dining area with a glass balcony on either side.

There are two pools onboard. One is located aft and accessible to all guests, while a smaller Jacuzzi forward is only accessible from the owner's cabin by a glass hatch in the foredeck. 

Arrakeen is the latest in the yacht designer's portfolio, following his "timeless" 57-metre concept, Starwave.

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