Arcadia Yachts introduces new models at the Düsseldorf boat show

2015-01-19By Risa Merl

Arcadia Yachts, known for its eco-friendly yacht designs, has taken the occasion of the Düsseldorf boat show to discuss its new models. This includes the 30-metre Arcadia 100, a new model for 2015, of which hull No 1 is already underway. Constructed in fibreglass-hull and aluminium superstructure, the semi-planing, two-deck yacht will be built to RINA certification.

In keeping with the Arcadia brethren, such as the Arcadia 115 superyacht M'Ocean, currently for sale, the new Arcadia Yachts designs benefit from the use of solar-panels in the exterior design to power the boat's hotel load.

Arcadia Yachts designs the solar panels to be integrated within the superstructure. "This feature ensures maximum comfort whilst recharging the batteries and powering all utilities and services on-board," according to the builder. This reduces the use of and reliance on generators. Arcadia says that 25 per cent of the energy its yachts use come from solar panels, and beginning in 2015, the solar panels will be mounted inside special insulated glass designed and produced especially for the builder.

Adding to its green credentials, Arcadia also offers optional hybrid propulsion, allowing yachts to reach speeds of eight knots with zero-emissions, and enjoying silent sailing without the hum of engines or generators. Not bad for a motor yacht.

Arcadia also showed off its new model steel-and-aluminium Arcadia 145, with hull No 1 ready for construction, and gave a sneak peek at what would be its new flagship, the Arcadia 180, which is currently in conceptual phase. More details will be revealed on the biggest Arcadia Yachts yet later this year.