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Construction update on first ClubSwan 80 sailing yacht

1 March 2021By Miranda Blazeby

Finnish sailing yacht specialist Nautor’s Swan has given a construction update on its first in-build ClubSwan 80 model. 

The first 23.9 metre model is currently under construction at Persico Marine, the Italian builder known for its construction of high-performance yachts.

The first phase of construction, which includes the hull lamination process, is underway and will be completed with the use of technologically advanced robots.

Speaking about the process, Persico Marine president Marcello Persico said: “Hull construction is a highly specialised and delicate process that requires high precision machinery, cutting edge technology and impeccable technique…”

The ClubSwan 80 was designed and developed by Nautor’s Swan in collaboration with naval architect Juan Kouyoumdjian and Persico Marine. Nauta Design will pen the interiors while Giovanni Belgrano is behind the engineering. Project management is being handled by Vittorio Volonté.

Speaking about the new model, Nautor Group vice president Enrico Chieffi described the model as "some kind of monster".

"She has been conceived to be the fastest 80-footer ever built up to now, with no runner-up in sight," he added.

The brief for the new model was to “create a yacht for real time racing:  identical yachts, modern, fast and fun to compete with the same equivalent features relying on the owner’s abilities at the helm," Chieffi previously said. 

The yacht features a six-metre beam, twin rudders and canting lifting keel, reducing the draft from 6.3 metres to 4.5 metres. Elsewhere, the model features a retractable bowsprit for a large downwind sail. Sustainability has also been considered in the design process. Recycled carbon fibre taken from previously used moulds is used in the construction of the Clubswan 80.

Marcello Persico added: "At Persico, we have the themes of sustainability and the circular economy closely at heart. We are very proud to be part of this process that not only helps us reduce waste but also gives carbon a new life for a virtuous and meaningful purpose in a completely different field.”

The addition of the ClubSwan 80 follows the product launches of the ClubSwan 36, ClubSwan 50 and Super ClubSwan 125.