Destino 25 superyacht tender design revealed

US yacht builder Destino has announced plans for a bigger sister to the Destino 20 superyacht tender, a faster and just as gorgeous-looking Destino 25.

The Destino 25 superyacht tender will retain the classic looks of its smaller sibling and in line with Destino’s philosophy, will couple traditional wood with modern materials and finishes to create a harder-wearing and less maintenance-heavy boat.

The prototype 20 was fitted with a 220hp Volvo turbo diesel with Hamilton jet-drive and while the 25 can take a wide variety of set-ups, the craft comes as standard with a 380hp Volvo V8 and duo-prop outdrive to give a predicted speed at wide open throttle of 40mph. The Destino 25 will comfortably accommodate six people and comes with a head forward and a built-in icebox to house refreshments. Options include an umbrella for shade, a swim ladder and transom ladder, bar sink, a cockpit cover and full cover.

The Destino 20 was built using Atlantic white cedar, sheathed in fibreglass, then veneered with mahogany. The veneer was then stained, epoxy coated and given a two part polyurethane clear coat for protection from UV and wear and tear. The coating was then wet-sanded and polished to a mirror finish.

“This is a huge improvement over a traditional varnish that needs re-coating every year in order to stay in pristine condition,” says Destino. “When we started planning this company, our goal was to create a classic looking mahogany runabout. But with the use of all modern materials, components and advances in hull design, we wanted to put together boats that would ride properly, even in adverse conditions. And have a much longer life, easier on service and maintenance, than the classics of yesteryear.”

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