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Calling all captains and crew! Last chance to enter the 2021 Dockwalk Salary Survey

22 July 2021

Salaries are often kept a well-guarded secret and can leave you questioning your value. Now in its 23rd year, the Dockwalk Salary Survey aims to create greater transparency and understanding of crew compensation for both new and veteran captains and crew. Here's how you can take part...

What is the Dockwalk Salary Survey?

The Dockwalk Salary Survey has been a staple of the magazine since its inception in 1997 and is an all-important tool for the industry. The anonymous survey helps paint a bigger picture of pay in yachting by using real-time salary feedback directly from captains and crew to provide an in-depth, inside look at superyacht crew compensation. Whether you’re resuming your role on board after a “pandemic pause,” climbing the career ladder, or getting your feet wet for the first time, Dockwalk’s Salary Survey provides an invaluable guide to crew salaries from around the world.

Why should I take part?

Salary is generally one of the top motivators when choosing a job on board a yacht, but remains a closely guarded secret. Being open about compensation should be far more commonplace because it is important to understand your worth and will ultimately help crew earn what they deserve.

While it might seem intrusive to ask captains and crew to share their personal salary information — albeit anonymously — it is a vital tool that can help crew make important career decisions. The Dockwalk Salary Survey allows crew to determine if a job offer is reflective of the industry and the role they serve, which is particularly handy when negotiating a salary.

Where can I find the survey?

You can find the embedded survey below and should only take a few minutes to fill in. If the embedded survey doesn’t show below, please click here.

When are the results published?

The survey results, along with a look at the past year’s hiring trends, will appear in the September 2021 issue of Dockwalk magazine and will also be published in our online salary guide. You can find an analysis of the 2020 Dockwalk Salary Survey here.