Donzi Classic series sports boats re-launched in celebration of 50th anniversary
2014-06-23By Risa Merl

The classic American sportsboat brand Donzi turns 50 this year, and to celebrate the marque's parent company, Baja Marine, is bringing out three new boats in an Anniversary Edition Donzi Classic series.

The boats are the Classic 22, Classic 18 and Sweet 16, and all feature the same sharp, retro styling that will transport many lovers of the brand right back to its 60s and 70s heyday.

Donzi was established back in 1964 by legendary boatbuilder and racer Don Aronow in Miami. He took the name for the company from his secretary's nickname for him: 'Donzi baby'. Today, bigger Donzi craft are only available on a factory-direct basis, but Baja Marine CEO Johnny Walker said these three new anniversary boats would be available through his company's dealer network.

'We get calls all the time from people who are nostalgic about the Classic series and want to see it revived. They feel the same way about Donzi Classics that they do about the Porsche Spyder and other iconic sports cars,' says Walker. 'In fact, the first customer to order a 50th Anniversary Donzi Classic 22 said he remembered being on one when he was a little boy at his grandfather’s lake house.'

Each of the new boats will feature an exclusive, custom-designed Donzi 50th edition logo, and they will be powered by big block V8 engines, promising the kind of seat-of-your-pants ride that would have made Aronow proud.