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E72: Pardo Yachts announces flagship addition to Endurance range

23 January 2023• Written by Katia Damborsky

Italian shipyard Cantiere del Pardo has taken the opportunity of boot Düsseldorf to announce an expansion of its Pardo Yachts line with the introduction of the new Endurance 72, or E72, model. The first unit is on track for completion in 2024.

The 22 metre model is the big sister of the E60, building on the same design principles of long-distance cruising and optimised fuel consumption in a compact package. Key features of the E72 include increased sound-proofing, efficient consumption and straightforward handling. 

The model has been designed with a "warped" bottom which creates a high deadrise angle that ensures hydrodynamic efficiency when planing in rough seas. The centre of gravity is located forward, which works to reduce the amount of energy that dissipates when the yacht is cruising in displacement mode. According to the yard, these characteristics also give it the power to overcome the transition phase between displacement and planing modes.

Similarly to most new models on the market today, the Endurance 72 has been conceived with a strong focus on merging indoor and outdoor areas. The cockpit has twin fold-down side terraces that boost the available waterfront living space to over 40 square metres, and this space connects to a generous swim platform that can be fully submerged. Tenders of up to four metres can be hauled in and accommodated in the aft garage. 

The flybridge of this model is home to 27 square metres of space, which can be shaded with movable louvres or be left open for soaking up the sun. Owners can choose their desired configuration, but the standard design comes with dining, lounging and a block of sunpads. The foredeck offers space for a small dip pool, which can be configured as an alternative sun lounging spot.

Opportunities for customisation continue on the interior and the options for the galley placement. The standard galley-up layout sees a main deck with a galley, dining area, saloon and a side-opening terrace. The whole area is connected to the helm station, which offers 270 degree visibility. A staircase amidships leads to the day head and to the owner’s and VIP suites, while a forward staircase leads directly to the two ensuite cabins with twin beds.

Alternatively, the galley-down layout introduces the "country kitchen", designed in collaboration with BURDISSOCAPPONI Yachts&Design. This layout removes the galley from the heart of the yacht and turns it into a service kitchen, providing additional space to the main deck. According to the yard,  the "country kitchen" concept is a design element usually found on larger yachts.

The model's interior styling uses grey walnut matte-finish veneers in contrast with wallpapered bulkheads on the lower deck, technical fabrics for the ceilings, white Corian for the galley worktops and sand-coloured resin in the bathrooms. Matte black finishes are found on bathroom accessories, door handles and lighting elements. The lighting design has been revamped by using a combination of LED and spot lighting for focused brightness where needed.  

There are three different engine options, plus the possibility of installing hybrid propulsion, without any modifications.

The E72 aims to introduce a new concept called "eco speed". With D13 1350 engines, the "eco-speed" is obtained around 12 knots. With a large 6000-litre fuel tank and 1350 drives, the Endurance 72 consumes 80 litres per hour with a range of 72 hours or 900 nautical miles at 12 knots.

The Endurance 72 will become the flagship of the Endurance line and Pardo Yachts' second largest model overall, second only to the Pardo GT75.