ER Yacht Design presents "modular" expedition yacht concept

2019-05-03By Miranda Blazeby

Canadian studio ER Yacht Design has presented a go-anywhere expedition modular yacht concept. The 65 metre design named Super Expedition was inspired by the “wish lists” of previous clients, studio president Ivan Erdevicki said.

They united in a demand for an exceptionally flexible yacht that could at once be both a serious expedition yacht and “a family open deck yacht, with a large pool and toys.” “After some serious consideration, the only reasonable solution was to make a modular vessel,” Erdevicki explained.

The varying model arrangements can be seen in the rendering above

This means that the yacht features a number of removable modules, or containers, of various facilities. These can be additional accommodation, scientific laboratories or extra storage for tenders and toys.

The modules can be removed and installed to pre-determined foundations by the on board crane, and are connected to electricity and plumbing systems via plug-in outlets.

“The yacht is carefully designed for an integrated, pleasing appearance with or without modules on board, and carefully engineered for floatation balance and stability in all loading conditions,” Erdevicki revealed.

Super Expedition 65m is a go-anywhere expedition modular yacht concept

The exterior styling has been purposefully designed for a commercial look and features a steel Ice Class hull and aluminium superstructure.

Other key features include a 10x5 metre swimming pool, helicopter deck and range of 5,500 nautical miles.

The design has “fixed accommodation” for 10 guests in four cabins and one VIP, as well as key luxury features, such as a gym and spa.