Photos of the new Invictus 280TT tender from Christian Grande | Boat International
Photos of the new Invictus 280TT tender from Christian Grande
2015-10-28By George Wilson

Meet the Invictus 280TT superyacht tender, designed for those who want to arrive at shore in style but also want a vessel that will comfortably take them on day trips. Photos of the new 8.9 metre tender designed by  Christian Grande have just been released by the Italian builder.

The new Invictus 280TT superyacht tender designed by Christian Grande

The tender uses the same semi-reverse bow style seen in previous releases in the Invictus GT series. This, along with the clever layout of the bow, gives the 280TT a spacious feel complete with shower, dressing room, open-air kitchen and space for eight passengers, making it ideal for excursions away from your superyacht. Its function as a tender is aided by permanent fenders leaving plenty of room on the boat to manoeuvre.

The helm of the tender has a twin seat facing a dashboard with ergonomically designed instruments and shielded by an ample windscreen. There is a small open-air kitchen comprising a stovetop, refrigerator and cabinet.

The bathing section of the boat is large and possesses a large sunbathing cushion that can be extended by rotating the backrest, as seen in the photos above.

The Invictus 280TT tender running

The boat can reach speeds of up to 38 knots thanks to its Volvo 5.7 V8 inboard-outboard engine. Currently the available colour schemes are “Vanilla Sea”, “Dark Shadow” and “Personal White”. Like all boats in the series, you can customise your tender to match your superyacht.



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