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The yacht pictured in London earlier this year.

Two arrested following Kaos vandalism in Ibiza

17 July 2023 • Written by Katia Damborsky

Two people have been arrested after vandalising the 110-metre motor yacht Kaos while she was manoeuvring into port in Ibiza on 16 July. 

A video shared by the organisation responsible for the stunt shows two individuals spraying red and black paint onto the yacht's stern while she was pulling into port, while a third member of the organisation filmed the incident. 

Members of the deck crew were quick to act, deterring the activists with a waterhose and then hosing down the paint, which is understood to be biodegradable. 

The local Policía Nacional has since arrested two individuals. According to the activist group, the pair were detained overnight in Ibiza and are due to be released today (17 July), following which they will be expected to appear in court.

Kaos departed the port after the incident and has since arrived in the bay of Palma, according to BOATPro data. The extent of the damage is not clear.

A spokesperson for Oceanco, which delivered Kaos as Jubilee in 2017, declined to comment on the incident.

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