Kozloff reveals 90 metre ice class expedition yacht concept

21 December 2018 • Written by Miranda Blazeby

Designer Steve Kozloff has revealed a six decked 90 metre ice class expedition yacht concept.

The design, Kosatka, comes from the founder of the Goliath series of polar-class expedition yachts.

It features an aluminium superstructure and steel, ice class hull with the “strength to endure the intensity of driving through moderate multi-year ice conditions”. As a result, Kosatka is “one of the most formidable yachts of her size,” according to Kozloff.

The Kosatka would feature an aluminium hull and steel, ice class superstructure

Key features include a 2,415 square foot aircraft hangar, which can accommodate four small or two medium sized helicopters, and a large swimming pool at the bow with a hard-retractable cover.

A stern lounging area sits at the waterline while the six decked yacht also features a crow’s nest equipped with a full command and control helm station. There is also enough storage space for two large free fall lifeboats and a submarine.

The expedition yacht has been designed for minimal crew

Accommodation is for a total of 14 guests. Kosatka has been designed for operation with minimal crew and consequently includes staff accommodation for a team of just four.

Kosatka will have a maximum speed of 15.1 knots and a range of 22,000 nautical miles for a 76-day endurance at 12 knots.

It comes after Kozloff recently presented a nine-decked, 117 metre expedition yacht concept called Alexis.

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