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Lazzarini Design Presents 137 Metre Swan-Inspired Superyacht Concept

10 September 2020

Lazzarini Design has presented its latest project; a 137 metre swan-inspired superyacht concept.

Avanguardia, named after its English meaning of ‘vanguard’, is inspired by 1970s Japanese manga and features an extendable control tower that resembles the head of a swan.

The control tower/ bridge, which is used to operate the yacht, is moved by an extendable crane. The head can even be detached from the yacht entirely and used as a separate 16 metre boat. While underway, the control tower cockpit can be lowered into the middle of the yacht, which resembles the swan’s body.

Spread across five decks, Avanguardia can transport a total of 60 passengers and provide accommodate for 24 guests, 10 crew and 12 staff. Elsewhere, the yacht features two jet capsules aft, five tenders, plus the separate head tender, and two helicopters stored in two hangars.

Propulsion comes from twin fully electric side engines and a central MTU Rolls-Royce Jet engine for a top speed of 18 knots. Lazzarini estimates the concept would take an investment of around $500,000,000 to build.

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