Luxi33 eco yacht tender splashes thanks to crowd-funding

8 May 2015 • Written by Risa Merl

Utilising solar energy, hybrid propulsion and environmentally friendly materials, the Cantiere Savona Luxi33 luxury yacht tender prides itself on being eco friendly in multiple ways.

Founded in 2010 by three young men, Cantiere Savona is a forward-thinking organisation that collaborates with renewable energy firms to inspire their eco yacht designs. They also took a novel approach to funding their “start-up adventure”, raising €380,000 from 44 investors on the equity crowd-funding platform StarsUp.

Designed and built in Sardinia, the first 10 metre Luxi33 eco yacht tender prototype has already been launched. The name Luxi means “light” in Sardinian dialect, which is fitting for the Luxi33 tender’s use of solar panels and for its exterior styling with low bulwarks paired with glass inserts to let in plenty of natural light to the cockpit.

The Luxi33 eco yacht tender can run in multiple power modes

Equipped with a 170hp diesel engine and an electric motor, the new open day boat can run with different power options. In pure electric mode, the engine is disabled and she runs on the electric motor, reaching a top speed of seven knots and going 15 nautical miles at this speed. With the standard full-hybrid mode, there is no warm-up time needed and the Luxi33 can run immediately.

Does the eco-friendly superyacht exist?

While using traditional propulsion, the cruise speed is 15 knots with a fuel burn of 22 litres per hour, and a top speed of 19 knots is achievable. For even faster speeds, the Luxi33 can be outfitted with twin 125hp engines to increase to a 20-knot cruise.

In charging mode, the engine is used to recharge the battery through the electric motor so a full charge is at the ready.

The interior of the Luxi33 yacht tender can be customised to suit her owner

Performance is assisted by her innovative semi-planing hull design by Studio Mezzera. The minimalist exterior styling and layout design comes from architect Andrea Columbu, one of Cantiere Savona’s founders.

The Luxi can also store energy in multiple ways – thanks to the sun via solar panels on the hard top, from shore power and through charging mode. Charging time from solar power is 15 hours and from the shore power at the dock it’s four hours.

Like her superyacht mothership, the interior layout, styling and engine options of the Luxi33 yacht tender can be totally customised to meet her owner’s tastes.

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