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Megayachts 17 out now

Volume 17 of the Megayachts book is out now and available to buy online in our e-store.

Published annually, Megayachts presents a ground-breaking view forward into the design of the private yachts of tomorrow. Discussions of design trends and cutting-edge technologies plus exclusive designer profiles bring yacht owners, enthusiasts and even those in the industry a fresh perspective on what’s next for the world of luxury yachts.

Megayachts Volume 17

The new edition, published for 2016, features 256 pages stuffed full with the very best of megayachts concepts, design and construction. Within the pages of Megayachts you’ll find 20 exclusive design features, 52 new yacht designs and 24 hot products.

“Some designs touch a magic chord within us, and because they are just too perfect to let go, they have awesome staying power,” writes Editor Marilyn Mower in the introduction to Megayachts. “What do you suppose is the next Faaborg chair or tomorrow’s J-Class? Perhaps candidates are within the covers of this book; perhaps the images on the following pages will be their inspiration.

"The world of yachts is made up of a million components and at least as many influences. It is my pleasure to present this year’s collection of designs and technology we believe will shape the future of the industry and at the same time share some of its back story.”



Couach Yachts |  37 m |  12 guests |  €3,500,000


Heesen Yachts |  55 m |  12 guests |  €26,000,000


Azimut |  34.4 m |  12 guests |  $11,500,000