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La Belle Class Superyachts Business Symposium Held at Monaco Yacht Club
2020-02-24By Miranda Blazeby

The 12th annual edition of the La Belle Class Superyachts Business Symposium took place on February 20 at the Yacht Club de Monaco.

Described as a "dinner debate", the event was attended by a number of superyacht industry professionals, including top designers and yacht owners.

Attendees discussed the developments and challenges of the superyacht industry during an evening of talks followed by the opportunity to meet and network.

The event took place on February 20

This year, the symposium focused specifically on the life cycle of the yacht, from initial design drawings to delivery and beyond.

The symposium included talks from superyacht designer and naval architect Espen

Øino, who discussed new trends in financing superyacht builds and tips on how to optimise costs at the design phase.

He moved on to discuss how important more environmentally friendly propulsion packages have become to the market.

Speaking at the event, he said: “A yacht is above all a fabulous way to be free but obviously a yacht generates a carbon footprint. Today it is vital we reduce the impact it may have on the environment. There is also a growing demand from owners.

“Hydrogen, electric engines, solar power – many solutions are being developed but there is no universal recipe as yet.”

Other speakers included the likes of Michel Buffat, head of yacht and aviation finance at Credit Suisse and director of superyacht yard Nobiskrug, Fadi Pataq.

Other events upcoming in the Yacht Club de Monaco’s diary include the Environmental Symposium and YCM Explorer Awards by La Belle Classe Superyachts on March 26.