Motor yacht Stella Maris appears in US soap-opera
2014-05-07By Tom Isitt

News in from VSY in Italy - the 72-metre VSY superyacht Stella Maris provided the perfect backdrop for US soap opera The Bold And The Beautiful, which recently filmed an episode in Monte Carlo.

Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer, two of the TV show’s main characters, shot scenes for the soap on Stella Maris, moored just off Monte Carlo.

According to VSY, 'For over two decades, The Bold and The Beautiful has explored the entangled lives, passionate loves, high-stake battles, loyalties, tragedies and the inspiring triumphs of the Forrester, Logan and Spencer families. With romance, sensuality, complex characters and intricate and compelling storylines, The Bold And The Beautiful is, at its core, a gripping tale of high fashion glamour, honour and, most importantly, family.' So it's a bit like Dallas, but without the oil. Or Cliff Barnes.