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MYT and Damen Yachting reveal new SeaXplorer 77 explorer yacht interior

5 February 2021• Written by Miranda Blazeby

Design studio Monaco Yacht Temptation (MYT) has penned a new interior concept for Damen Yachting’s SeaXplorer 77 expedition yacht model.

The swimming platform aft

MYT, which previously penned the interior design of the 62 metre SeaXplorer 62 Anawa, was tasked to design a SeaXplorer 77 interior by Damen Yachting.

Carlo Torre

Speaking about the project, MYT founder Carlo Torre explained: “They [Damen Yachting] wanted to see our design without being obliged to follow the brief of the client and obviously the freedom to express ourselves was very interesting for us.”

The beach club

Torre explained how he found the inspiration for the interior from his home in Portofino and applied this to the SeaXplorer 77.

“In the Portofino area, there aren't ‘palaces’ just old country houses close to the sea, usually refitted emphasising the quality of traditional materials. Such a house is called 'rustico',” Torre explained.

The observation lounge

“The idea was that somebody buying an explorer instead of a typical ‘palace’ superyacht, is looking for something more practical with tradition and quality, rather than glamorous luxury.”

The beach club

As a result, Torre used materials such as black Lavagna slate and chestnut floors, which can be found in the 95 square metre upper deck lounge and dining area of the SeaXplorer 77. This area is equipped with sliding glass doors that open to the outdoor dining area and swimming pool.

The saloon

Elsewhere, Torre let some of the yacht’s spaces speak for themselves. This is particularly true of the 50 square metre indoor observation lounge, which features 270-degree panoramic views and leads out onto a bow-point observation deck.

The observation lounge

“In the observation lounge, the show is outside,” Torre said. “I wanted something not just focused inboard, but also to enjoy what’s outside, the feeling of being there as much as possible.”

The 95 square metre main owner suite meanwhile has been designed to recall “a luxurious loft”. The suite also features a lounge and office area and each space is separated by sliding panels. This separation of areas helps create “an unconscious feeling of harmony”, Torre said.

The owner's suite

“The functionality means that you don't have to ‘learn’ a cabin, you simply find things where you expect they should be. Functionality means feeling at home. Ergonomics is easiness of reach, proper shapes and no obstacles,” he said.

The SeaXplorer’s second main stateroom also features a private day room, desk, bathroom and dressing area.

The owner's suite

The 108 square metre spa and wellness beach club aft features an optional pool surrounded by wooden panels that emphasis the full-beam volume. This area also includes a Hammam with a whirlpool, ice fountain, sauna and steam room, fitness area and massage salon.

Speaking about the beach club area, Torre said: “I imagine this space with a pool. It brings the outside in, particularly in areas where you might not want to swim in the sea if it is cold or there are sharks.

“The water gives a feeling of depth and complements the reflective surfaces at the end of the pool and ceiling to amplify the space.”

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