New American Motoryacht series from Setzer Naval Architects

21 August 2013 • Written by Risa Merl

Setzer Naval Architects has revealed its new 28 to 46 metre New American Motoryachts series.

Recognizing the strong American roots of tri-deck, raised pilothouse, flush deck, and commuter yachts, the series looks to re-imagine these staples and strikes a new balance between classic and ultra-contemporary, and it is part of a broader collection of new designs the Setzer team will unveil through 2013.

The collection will consist of eighteen new superyacht designs from 28 to 70 meters. In the 'New American Motoryachts' category, Setzer hopes to radically re-interpret vintage American designs from the early tri-deck, raised-pilothouse and classic commuter eras. While influenced by modern aesthetics, this group will remain firmly grounded in American yachting and maritime history.

Ward Setzer says he has more designs in development than at any time in the firm’s 22-year history. More than 24 concepts from 32 to 70 meters are being whittled down to a final collection of 12 to 14 designs along the four themes.

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