Odyssey Yacht Designs unveils new superyacht concept Veloce

19 September 2011 • Written by Malcolm MacLean

Odyssey Yacht Designs in Australia is proposing an all-new 52m motor yacht, Veloce, for the superyacht market. The name was chosen because it best describes its dramatically styled exterior - evocative of speed, power and performance.

'The process used by Odyssey Yachts in designing their yachts stems partly from the automotive industry which is possibly the most demanding and exacting industries in the world when it comes to the sculpture and design of vehicles,' says Paul Bourke, owner and designer at Odyssey Yacht Designs.

'We utilise the art of clay modelling in our design process. This is a discipline is used in automotive styling and we can re-style, move and manipulate lines and surfaces to give them that human touch that you cannot get from a computer model alone.'

'The process removes the usual styling boundaries that can be experienced when designing a complex shape like that of a yacht. It gives the designer more freedom to explore design directions and communicate the proposals to the client in a manner which leaves no room for misinterpretation. What you see is what you get, and you can see it in full 3D as a work-in-progress physical model, that will be a perfect representation of the finished article at a stage,' says Bourke.

The latest yacht to come from the studio’s drawing board, Veloce, is also designed to offer efficient and environmentally conscious yachting.

'We want to be careful not to become a cliché but do believe that there is a need for us to look seriously at keeping these yachts as eco-friendly as possible without affecting all that constitutes a luxury yacht,' says Bourke.

'There have been a lot of breakthroughs and new technology over the past few years from lightweight construction materials, through to the development of more hydro-dynamically efficient hulls that can have a significant influence on a boats carbon footprint. An added benefit is of course a reduction in fuel consumption.'

The design boasts accommodation for twelve guests and a crew complement of up to twelve. It has four large outdoor entertaining areas and a tender garage that can be configured to house a vast array of water borne activities.

A major feature of this yacht is the vast expanse of outdoor entertaining space it offers.

'The layout of Veloce is designed to dissolve the barriers between interior spaces and the outside environment, while also giving a sense of retreat,' says Bourke.

'This balance has been achieved with the generous use of glass to give a sense of connection with the yachts location, and a focus on open relaxed outdoor areas, while still retaining features such as the spacious private balcony and spa area, and the more formal entertainment and dining areas.'

Indeed, from the hydraulic bathing platform up into the spacious cockpit, forward onto the foredeck lounging area and up onto a fly-bridge which could only be described as gargantuan, this yacht is truly geared to luxury both in and outdoors, as well as offering panoramic views from the full height windows on the main deck.

The owner’s accommodation space aboard Veloce contains its own lounge, spa, casual dining space and en-suite bathroom.

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