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Watch: Adrian Newey switches out Formula 1 racing for a "slower pace of life" aboard his Oyster sailing yacht

16 May 2024 • Written by Dea Jusufi

Adrian Newey OBE has revealed his plans to focus on "a slower pace of life" aboard his Oyster 885 following his retirement as chief technical officer of Formula 1's Red Bull Racing team. 

The interview, hosted by Oyster Yachts and moderated by fellow Formula 1 legend Eddie Jordan, was held at the Yacht Club de Monaco during the Historic Monaco Grand Prix.

"I feel a bit tired at the moment. [But] to walk away from [Red Bull Racing] was a very hard decision," Newey said. "Do I go again or do I enjoy my Oyster yacht and sail off into the sunset?”

The interview delved into Newey's career, why he chose Oyster Yachts to build his sailing yacht and his post-retirement plans. Newey also described the allure of the "purity of sailing" and its potential for personal rejuvenation away from the high-stakes environment of motorsport, drawing parallels with his close friend and manager Jordan, who owns an Oyster 495 sailing yacht.

Newey continued: "If you want something that’s a really comfortable all-rounder, that’s really solid and well supported, then go for an Oyster. We had a look around and Oyster was the one that really ticked all of the boxes […] It’s been a great experience."

The news that Newey had chosen Oyster Yachts to build his sailing yacht was announced in November 2023. In December, he took delivery of a complementary Williams SportJet tender.

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